Von Der Wilmothhaus

Drive and Speed

Kimon was imported from Germany to become a Police K-9 for Tim. Along with developing into a wise and able "street K-9", Kimon has proven himself on the schutzhund field, as well. He is 6 x Sch3 and KKL1a(Life) ! Smart, able, well-temperamented, well bred and versatile! Kimon has, also, been awarded the AKC Canine Good Citizens Award!

SG-Kimon vom Grenzblick SZ# 2095626 sable Multiple SchH3 KKL1 for Life               "a" normal hips/fast normal elbows. DOB: October 7, 2001                                               Certified Police Dog - State of Ohio      DNA typed
Sire: V - Andy von der Lemper Heide SchH3 IP3 FH1 KKLa[LBZ] (3xBSP)
Dam: V - Happy vom Grenzblick SchH3 FH1 KKLa [LBZ] (1xBSP)

Our wonderful Kimon passed away on 12/21/2013 at 12 1/2 years old.  He was a wonderful dog!

Ace, a Kimon/Jazz son, at
6 months doing protection
training on Jeff.
This is Bron, an 8 month old(in pic)
son of Kimon. He is owned by our
friend, Kelly Grim. He has VERY nice
drives, temperament and super bitework
like his Daddy! His mother is Sch1
and KKL1. We look forward to a bright
future for him.
This is Zoe. She is 15
old in this pic. She, too,
is so much like Daddy Kimon.
"a" stamp elbows and hips, SG1
and now has her BH! Steady nerves,
confidence and nice drives. Her
mother is Sch3, KKL1!
Bron, a Kimon son, at
almost 16 months! I love
this pic of him, Kelly!
Kimon free heeling at Initial Breed Survey KKL1
Kimon on Lotus at Mid East Regionals
Kimon's Stand for Exam Breed Survey KKL1
Mark driving Kimon during one
of Kimon's bites in the Protection
Phase for one of Kimon's Sch3's.
Taken May of 2008. Nice picture,
as always, Charlie!!!!!
Tallmadge, OH 2004
"Over the Hurdle"
Tracking", which earned Kimon a "V"
Schutzhund Trial in Seville, OH
June 05, 2005
Kimon- A "Canine Good Citizen!"
K-9 Kimon Tim's Patrol/Narcotics K-9
Picture by Charlie Snyder.
Kimon into Blind #6 for
protection phase of one
of his Sch3's!
Kimon is telling Tim that
another Sch3 in this kind
of weather isn't worth it!
I think Herr Rueppell agrees!
Suspect! Stop or I will
send my dog!!!!!
Flat retrieve - one of
Kimon's Sch3's.
Sch3 Protection complete!
Tim, Kimon, Mark & Jakob!
Kimon and Tim waiting their turn!
Kimon Blind Search for one of his Sch3's!
Protection Training
Seville, OH April, 2005
During his AD [endurance title],
which he received at a Schutzhund Trial
October 23, 2004
Kimon's trading card.