Von Der Wilmothhaus

The "Q" litter Wilmothhaus was born on May 13, 2011(Friday the 13th!).  Sire is our Onnegardens Griff Sch3, FH2, KKL2 and retired Police K-9.   Mother is our Goldi vom Vogelsberger Sudhang Sch3, KKL1. 

ALWAYS in a hurry! A very
nice girl!
Quest at 46 days. Don't let
her "pretty girl" look
fool you---all drive!
The "Q" kids at 8 days. Looks
like these two have made lots
of trips to the "milk bar"!!
The "Q" kids at 8 hours old!
Black male/sable female.
On the left, future
K-9 Qwik and on the right,
future K-9 Quest! Make your
Daddy proud, kids!
Qwik at 25 days. My how
they have grown.......
Quest(sable) and Qwik at
25 days old. True Griffy/
Goldi kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The "Q" kids at 4 1/2 days.
Boy, they grow fast!
The future K-9 Quest at
32 days. She will make
her Daddy proud!
The future K-9 Qwik at 32 days.
He is a "gremlin"!! He and his
sister just got done watching
TV in this picture! LOL
The "Q" kids at 36 days. Thinking
about what they can get into! LOL
The "Q" kids at 36 days.
Pedigree plus drive, plus
good looks...........
Qwik at almost 10 weeks.
He is sooooo nice!