Von Der Wilmothhaus

The KK litter Wilmothhaus was born 07/22/2019.  Sire is 7 X VA Zambo vom Riedschulrgi.  Zambo is 10 X IPO3, FH1(100 pts) and KKL for life.  Mother is our wonderful Willow von der Wilmothhaus(Wenzel/Jessy). Anticipate something great from these puppies!!!!!!
Karma 2019
Karma April 2020
Willow can rock her 4 day old puppy
and eat at the same time!
Great head on the KK puppy!
3 KK puppies at 4 days old! NICE!!!!
A KK puppy at 3 1/2 weeks!
KK puppy at 5 weeks
KK puppies at 5 weeks
Siblings make the best pillows!