Von Der Wilmothhaus

F Litter

Born June 4, 2006
Sire: V-Lucca vom Winnloh Sch3, KKL1a [LBZ]
Dam: V-Catja von der Wilmothhaus Sch1,KKL1a
Basket photos taken July 15, 2006

See pictures of Tim's male from this litter, Falco, click on:  http://www.wilmothdogs.com/wk9/Falco.aspx   He is now, V-Falco von der Wilmothhaus Sch3 KKL1a.

Excuse me! Ahem!!!
Falco "VP1" 4-6 Month Males
Falco-Mid East Regional 10/05/07 SG 12-18 Month Males
Fehja "VP1"(4-6 Month Females)(AKA Lexi) at 4 Months
Fehja (aka Lexi) SG 12-18 Month Females Mid East Regional 2007
Fehja (aka Lexi) listens
during her critique on her
BH obedience! May 2008
Tim, Jason and Fehja
receiveing congratulations
on achieving both the BH
and Sch1 in May 2008!!
Fehja stacked as she
received KKL1 from
Herr Oeser 10/19/08.
Tim and Falco taking a
break during the AD
on 10/18/08.
Tim with our friend, Jeff,
who was kind enough to
bike Falco for his AD!
Fehja(aka Lexi) airborne on
the protection test for her
Falco von der Wilmothhaus
(Quietly looking for his basket)
Currently in training as
a police K9
Fehja von der Wilmothhaus
Flip von der Wilmothhaus
Tim training (er, taming!) Lucca

and Cati's "F" litter at 5 weeks.
Faith von der Wilmothhaus