Von Der Wilmothhaus

Litter AA Wilmothhaus was born on Friday, December 13th, 2013. Sire:  Wenzel;  Dam is Domina. 7 puppies; 1 male and 6 Females!!!

Aaloni gaiting to SG in the 12-18
month females at the 2015 USCA
Sieger Show!
Aische(aka Zen) on May 13, 2015
in Illinois! A lovely young female!
The beautiful Arashi aka Storm
April 2016!! Super male!
Aurora stand for exam in the 12-18
month females at the 2015 USCA Sieger
Show. SG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aurora on May 31, 2014, after graduating
from the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.
Looking LOVELY!!!
Domi's "aa" kids at one week. My how
they grow in only 6 days...Love 'em!
Domi/Wenzel puppies on december 14, 2013
Almost a day old!!!! Cute puppies.
Domi and Wenzel did good, again,our AA
litter Wilmothhaus at one day old! SUPER!
aa kid on Feb 1st at 7 weeks. A brief
moment when puppy sat still!!!!!
The aa litter at 7 weeks on Feb 1st.
They are still even when they are
One of the aa kids on Feb 1st at 7 weeks. Not
sure who this is, but LOVE the expression!!!!
Green girl on Feb 1st at 7 weeks with
her favorite toy- these guys are BIG
on toys!
One of the aa kids on Feb 1st at 7 weeks.
They do like to pose--when they wear down!
aa puppy (nor sure who! on Feb 1st
at 7 weeks- love their expressions!
a aa girl on Feb 1st. Hard to get
them to be still--7 weeks old.
Toys, toys, toys- At 7 weeks they only
love toys!!!! So much fun to watch!
One of the "aa" kids on Jan 13th at
4 weeks old. Pretty puppy!
Two of the "aa" girls on
Jan 4th at 3 weeks-CUTE!
One of the "aa" kids on Jan.28th
at 6 1/2 weeks old.
Aaloni and Johanna with one of the judges
from her win at the Medina Kennel Club's
puppy match on 03/08/14. Two wins in one
day. A very nice puppy!!!!
No-Fear Aaloni trying to climb up
into booster bath at 8 weeks old.
She is a hoot!
Aaloni at the 2014 MER Conformation

Championship gaiting to another

VP3 and a great critique!!!! 11/15/2014
Aische(aka Zen) at her new home in
Wisconsin. They call her "The Boss
Lady"...hmmmmm wonder why? LOL
Aaloni sitting in her cage watching the classes
at the puppy match at the Medina Kennel Club's
Show. She was a hit because she was just sooooo
good and pretty to boot. She got much applause
after her first ring appearance. She was the
youngest at the show, but every one LOVED her
desire to please and good manners!!!!!!!!!
Anni at the vet's office patiently
waiting her turn to get her 2nd set
of vaccines! Pretty girl.
These are Anni's new bff's after a day of
playing with their 8 week old friend. Shown
are Max(Jessy/Wenzel) and Lexus(arco/Cati).
Having a "little friend" can be tough! LOL
The lovely Anni onNovember 25,
2014.She has grown into such
aa nice young female.
Anni from March 11th. Almost 3 months
old and growing up. Nice puppy!
Arashi (aka Storm) and his owners on
April 10, 2014. He is almost 4 months
old now. Lovely pup with two lovely
young ladies!!!
Arashi(aka Storm) swimming with his
bff's. He is now a "lifeguard" too!
Arashi(aka Storm) after arriving
at his new home. He found his new
toy and decided to rest up! Cute!
Arashi on Feb. 26th playing with his
new BFF's. Young people and puppies--
oh, how they go together! Nice puppy!
Arashi (aka Storm) at his new home
laying on his favorite perch. I am
sure it is so he will miss nothing!
Arashi (aka Storm) and his "best friends"
on July 28, 2014. This is what puppies
and young people are all about. NICE!
Arashi and "family" on July 28, 2014.
Lovely young ladies, lovely young male!
Arashi with his new owners. Looks
like he will lack for attention! LOL
Arashi(aka Storm) on March 12, 2015.
A lovely young male doing his part
to be a BFF with his twins!!! LOVE
The lovely Aurora with her friend.
Aurora is now 12 weeks old here and
growing into a super young female!
The lovely Aurora at 12 weeks!
Aurora handled by Kelly Grim gaiting to
a BIG win at the 2014 MER Regional
Conformation Championship in the 9-12
females. Another VP1!
Aurora gaiting to VP1 and Regional Siegrin
in the 9-12 month females at the MER
Regional Conformation Championship!!!!
November 15/2014