Von Der Wilmothhaus

The "U" litter Wilmothhaus was born on Valentine's Day, 02/14/2012.  This repeat of our "R" litter is sired by our V-Wenzel vond der Edelquelle Sch3, IPO3, FH1  KKL1.  The Mother is the lovely V-Domina von den Lahnhohen Sch2, KKL1. 
Domi/Wenzel "U" kids at
15 days---lovely!!!
Domi giving an after dinner
bath. Nine days old here!
Dinnertime for two of the
"U" kids at 9 days!!!
First day outside--what a blast!
7 weeks old in the picture.
Lovely reach...and only
7 weeks old!!!!!!!!!!!
Two "U" kids at 7 weeks old!
Fun in the sun at 7 weeks old!
Ultimate(aka Shatzie) in the 6-9 month females
at the North American Sieger Show- "VP" with
at nice critique....
On June 16, 2012, Ultimate (aka Shatzie),
a Domi/Wenzel puppy, gaiting to win the
4-6 month females class at the Mid East
Regional Conformation Show-Regional
Siegring her 1st show out! Pretty girl!
Shatzie playing at her new home.
Nine weeks and just a pretty girl!
Ultimate, aka, Shatzie, at her new
home at 9 weeks---beautiful!
After a long trip, Urchin, aka True,
is at his new home--a lovely young male!