Von Der Wilmothhaus

C Litter

Our C litter was whelped on September 28, 2004.  This was the second mating we did with Lucca and Rosella.  She presented us with another basketful of wonderful puppies.

Cesar(aka Jake) at 3 years
old. As you can see, he is
celebrating Christmas!
Jake (aka Cesar) in the
Fall of 2010 during a walk
in the woods. A lovely male!
A super headshot of Cesar
von der Wilmothhaus (aka Jake)
taken fall of 2009-LOVELY!
Jake (Cesar von der Wilmothhaus)
and Jenn and her horse go for
one of Jake's favorite things to
do--a trailride!! Look at his reach!
Cash after earning his BH!
Chay at 6 Months.
Chay at 10 weeks
Aaron and Cash beginning their BH.
Cash doing his Bark
and Hold - Training
March 2008
Cash doing an Escape
Bite-Training 2008
Cash and Aaron gaiting for an SG in 18-24 Month Males in Kentucky-Mid East Regional.
Cayli's winter of 2007

Cayli relaxing on the
dock after a swim!!!!
Caleb at 10 weeks.
Cash, Chay and Caleb.
This pose lasted for
about one second.

The puppies were 9 weeks old.
Cloud at Mid East Regional in Pa. 2005 VP
Cesar at 59 Days.
Cesar playing in the back yard.