Von Der Wilmothhaus

Happy 2010!!!  2009 was a good year.  We, again, have many plans and goals set and hope we can achieve them.  We have some new "stars" for the New Year and some "old" ones, too!   We invite all of you to join us in making 2010 the "Best Yet"!

***NEW ARRIVAL**  On 1/11/2010, Tim arrived back in the US with our new V-Jessy vom Treuenbrietzener Sch2, FH1 KKL1 a normal hips and elbows.  Jessy stayed with our friends in Germany, Katharina and Juergan, until Tim could pick her up.  Jessy will be bred to either Lucca or Arco on her next heat   Watch the website for news of this upcoming litter!

2/17/2010 - Congratulations to Atticus von der Wilmothhaus(aka Atti) and his handler, Joey, for passing  the Delta Society test to do Animal Assisted Therapy at Inova Fairfax Hospital.  We understand that Atti will be doing prescribed animal therapy for both adults and children.  We are VERY proud of both of you!!!  GREAT JOB!

Congratulations to Lance, Lucian, Leksi and Lea von der Wilmothhaus on achieving the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award.   On 3/5/2010, these four brothers and sisters did a really nice job.  Great temperaments, nice drives and super obedience.  Cati and Arco are very proud!!!!!!  BTW--- on the date of the test, these four were only 6 1/2 months old!!!!!

3/13/2010 - Domina von den Lahnhohen receives her Sch1 with nice scores.  MANY thanks to Juergan and Katharina Oster!!!  You two are AWESOME!

3/14/2010 - Goldi whelps seven pups sired by our Griff. One black male did not survive.  Three males and three females make for a VERY nice litter.  Two sable and one black male and two black and one dark sable female--a nice mix! Good job Griff and Goldi!

3/20/2010 - Domina von den Lahnhohen received her Koerklasse 1 today with a VERY nice koer report from Herr Scheerer.  Another big thank you to our friends, Kat and Juergan!

3/28/2010 - Domina von den Lahnhohen is awarded her  first "V" in conformation at a show in Belgium.  Thanks to Katharina and Juergan Oster for presenting her in this very nice class!!!

4/7/2010 - Kane von der Wilmothhaus, Lexis von der Wilmothhaus, Isabel von der Wilmothhaus and Kathy's Kimon daughter, Zoe von Lindesfarne, were awarded the AKC Canine Good Citizens Award.  Congrats on a super job to both dogs and handlers!
4/10/2010 - Domina is awarded the Sch2.  Our friends, Katharina and Juergan surprised us with this news this mroning!  What a SUPER SURPRISE!!!
4/10/2010 - Our V- Catja von der Wilmothhaus Sch1  KKL1 gave birth to a small litter today.  The puppies are by our V- Lucca vom Winnloh Sch3  KKL1 (Police K-9).  Cati just turned 8 so this will be her last litter.  After weaning this litter she will retire to our daughter's couch for a well-deserved retirement.  She has been VERY good to us over the years!  This "N" litter Wilmothhaus is ALL SOLD!

4/18/2010 - Galiana von der Wilmothhaus (aka Kitra) receives her VPG1 with very nice scores.   She and her handler, owner, trainer, Alan, were, also, High in Trial, High Tracking, High Obedience and High Scoring Club Dog.  Congrats to both Kitra and Alan on a job WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!

05/16/2010 - Falco von der Wilmothhaus and Ecko von der Wilmothhaus multipled their Sch3's at the OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club under SV Judge Thomas Lapp.   Tim and Falco are now 2 times Sch3 and Dave and Ecko are now 3 times Sch3.  Both Falco and Ecko are sired by our Lucca vom Winnloh!

06/12/2010 - OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club Conformation Show judged by SV judge Dieter Oeser, our dogs did extremely well.  They were presented by our friends Juergen and Katharina Oeser.  The results are as follows:

Falco von der Wilmothhaus  Working Males  V1

Domina von den Lahnhohen  Working Females  V1

Jessy vom Treuenbrietzener Land  Working Females  V2

Zoe von Lindesfarne  12-18 Females  SG1

Lucian von der Wilmothhaus  9-12 Month Males  VP2

Lea von der Wilmothhaus  9-12 Month Females  VP1


06/13/2010 - At the OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club's Breed Survey.  Judge Dieter Oeser awarded Tim's V-Jessy vom Treuenbrietzener Land Sch2  FH1  her KKL1 for Life!  Congrats!

07/17/2010 - At the NEOWDA Schutzhund Trial judged by SV Judge Heiko Grube, Kathy's Kimon daughter, Zoe, was awarded her BH, the High BH Trophy and given an excellent critique by Herr Grube on her performance. GOOD JOB ZOE!

07/25/2010 - Ecko von der Wilmothhaus and his handler, Dave, achieve their 4th Sch3 at the OG Buckeye Schutzhund Trial.  Good job!

Amber von der Wilmothhaus (aka Alou) has earned the title of Flyball Master!  Congratulations to both Amber and Joelle!!!!!!

09/24/2010 - Congrats to Zoe.   Zoe achieved the AD this date and Kathy did the cycling! An achievement for both!

09/25/2010 - Congratulations to Nikolai von der Wilmothhaus on receiving his VP rating in the 4-6 Month Males at the Greater Cincinnati Schutzhund Club's Conformation Show!  Good Job!!!!!!!

10/03/2010 - Congratulations to Izzie(Isabel von der Wilmothhaus) on recieving her BH at the NEOWDA Schutzhund Trial.  SV judge Helmut Rueppell was their judge.

11/2010 - Congratulations to Griff daughter, Envee vom Haus Weinbrand(aka K-9 Jordan), on receiving her NASAR Area Search Certification!!  Good job Will and Envee.   Congrats to Valerie and Brat, too!

12/15/2010 - Congratulations to Nikolai von der Wilmothhaus, Nya von der Wilmothhaus, Mace von der Wilmothhaus and Minna von der Wilmothhaus on achieving their AKC Canine Good Citizen Awards.  All four Wilmothhaus teams did a very good job. Cati, Lucca, Griff and Goldi are very proud.  Tim and Kathy appreciate all of your hard work. 

12/30/2010 - Two new faces arrived today.  V-Wenzel von der Edelquelle IP3, KKL1 and Maya von Dakota.   Wenzel is Kathy's companion and hopefully competition dog and Maya is a 4 month female co-owned by Kathy and our friend, Katharina Oster.  We hope 2011 gives us the time and good health to enjoy these two new arrivals.