Von Der Wilmothhaus

The EE Litter Wilmothhaus arrived on February 13, 2016.  The litter has 3 males and 1 female.

Sire is our V-Wenzel von der Edelquelle 10 X IPO3, 1 X FH1 and KKL for life.  DM clear(n/n) a normal hips and elbows.
Mother is our lovely V-Emilia von Melanchthon IPO2, KKL for life, DM clear(n/n), a normal hips and elbows. 

EE puppy on 2/17/26 at the
milk bar!
Our grandson, Quinn, and one
of the EE puppies on March 27,
2016. Ready, set....GO!
The EE puppies at 8 hours old!
Lovin' the milk bar!!!!!
An EE puppy on February 18, 2016
So peaceful!
Emily LOVES her EE babies!
Two of the EE "kids"
on 2/25/2016.
Such content Mom and puppies!
A fat and happy EE girl on
A "puppy pilke" on March 1, 2016!
An EE puppy on March 11, 2016
Nice head!
EE puppies on March 12, 2016
Someone isn't taking their nap!
One of the EE puppies on March 27,
2016 enjoying the sunshine! NICE!
The lovely Emilia and 3 of her
EE puppies playing! Good MOMMA!
Ezekiel(aka Zeke) on 4/7/16
in his new home. Nice puppy!
EE puppy on April 10, 2016.
Having fun...Nice puppy!
EE puppy on April 10, 2016
just before going to his new
Ely...great focus
Ezekiel(aka Zeke) April 2020