Von Der Wilmothhaus

The "X" litter Wilmothhaus, a V-Jessy vom Treuenbrietzener Land Sch2 , FH1 KKL1 and V-Wenzel von der Edelquelle IPO3, Sch3, FH1, KKL1 was born on January 12, 2013.  Six puppies - 3 males and 3 females, large and lovely have arrived!!!!!
Three hungry "X" kids at 24 hours

The "X" kids at 24 hours old. VERY
nice-large and lovely1 Good job
Jessy and Wenzel !!!!
X kids at 8 days.. Bellies full
and all is good! nice puppies.
The "X" kids at 8 days.
Gonna be lovely!
One on the "X" kids at 15 days.
Belly full, time for a nap!
Jessy shows what a super Mom she
is with one of her 15 day old "X"
The "X" pups at 22 days--They
LOVE to eat!!!!!!!
Jessy's "X" kids at 22 days.
One of the "X" kids at 30 days.
They grow so fast--a beautiful puppy.
A couple of the "X" puppies at 30 days.
Getting bigger and more lovely each day!
Three of the "X" kids at 5 weeks
and 2 days. Lovely but "gremlins"!
One of the "X" males posing! A VERY
nice puppy with good looks and drive!
8 week old "X" girl, Xieri,
outside for the 1st time. Nice
X litter female Xieri(pink collar)
with her Y litter female half sister,
Yasha, during their 1st trip outside.
8 weeks old in this picture-3/10/13.
Xory(aka Kenzie) enjoying a November
day! Lovely Jessy/Wenzel daughter.
XOMAX(aka MAX) just hours
after arriving at his new
home! A nicce puppy.
Xomax (aka Max) and one of his new
best friends, Duke, relax after
playing. Max is 8 1/2 weeks in
this picture.
Xomax (aka Max) September of 2013. Poor
boy hard a "very hard" life LOL
"X" litter male, Xander, in his
new home with his new best friend,
an 11 week old piglet, Rudy. Such
a loving picture! Xander had been home
on several hours-the bond begins!
Xander on April 27, 2014. I can
see both Jessy and Wenzel in those
eyes! A handsome young male.
Xander with his BFF, Rudy, takin'
a swim. LOVES water!
Xander on 11/15/2014 after getting a SG2
at the 2014 MER Conformation Championship.
Handled by Kelly grim!
Xieri at almost 9 weeks old.
Quite a super personality!!
Xieri practicing for her AKC CGC.
Good Luck--we know you will do well!
Xieri on March 15th at almost 9
weeks. Going to North Carolina
soon! A LOVELY young female!
Xieri with her obedience school graduation
certificate. Summer 2013 in North Carolina!
Xomax(on right)(aka Max), a Wenzel/Jessy son, and
Lexis, a Catja/Arco daughter on October 6,
2013 enjoying a Fall day. Nice pic!
Xorro (aka Zak) with his new best friend.
A nice 9 week old male.
Xory(aka Kensie) at 9 weeks old in her
new home. A lovely female!! Jessy daughter.
Xorro( better known as Zak) at 9 months

with his owner, John. Lookin' good!
Zak's(aka Xorro) graduation picture from
obedience school in Cleveland All Breed.
Summer 2013!