Von Der Wilmothhaus

The "J" litter Von Der Wilmothhaus arrived on February 10, 2008.   The sire of this litter is V-Lucca  vom Winnloh Sch3, KKL1a, Certified Police K-9.  The dam of this litter is V-Rosella vom Heerbusch Sch1, KKL1a. 

*3/29/2010-Joost von der Wilmothhaus receives his OFA report----OFA EXCELLENT hips and normal elbows!!!!!!! Lucca and Rosella are proud of their son!

Hunter with his playmates!
4 snoozin'!
Joost "gaiting" after his ball!
LOVE the reach at only 8 1/2
Joost with his month old
"Best Friend", Hunter!
Two "handsome boys"!
"J" litter male at 4 days
old. Doing what he does best
at this age!
Remember the puppies in
one of this page's pics
watching TV? Well, Joost
is all grown up, but still
Joost is starting his
agility career. At only
5 months it looks
like he is getting a good
Joost at 5 months
"learning" the proper
way to stack! I think
he is a fast learner!
At 12 days - Meet Joost
von der Wilmothhaus!
31 days old
"Puppy Love" at 31 days.
Their first time in
our rec room and they
"Watch TV"!
Jacinda "gaiting"
in the rec room!
31 days old
Joost at 10 months
rediscovering snow in
Arizona--he thought
he left that back in