Von Der Wilmothhaus

V-Cid von der Sandkautschneise 16 times IPO3/Sch3 KKL1(Life) "a" normal both hips and elbows
Cid's sire is the great Tom son, Ellute von der Mohnwiese Sch3(SG-BSP) IP3 FH1. Cid has a wonderful temperament, great drives and correct structure. 

We feel he will be an asset to every facet of our program.  Cid stands at stud to outside females. E-mail us for his breeding contract at k9wilmoth@aol.com

  • 5/14/2011 - Cid adds another SchH3 to his resume at OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club's Trial with nice scores.
  • 6/26/2011 - Cid is made koerklasse 1 for Life at the Breed Survey hosted by OG West Penn and judged by SV Judge, Peter Knaul. A very nice critique was given with empahasis on his bitework! Cid--Looked great!
  • 9/16-18/2011 - Cid adds another SchH3 at the Mid East Regional Working Dog Championship with very nice scores.
  • 11/4,5,6/2011 - Cid competes at the German Shepherd Working Dog Championship in Kansas City and is awarded another SchH3...now 8 SchH3 's and 1 IPO3.....Congrats!
  • 04/20, 21,22/2012 - Cid adds another IPO3 at the USA Working Dog Championship in Grove City, Ohio.
  • 5/13/2012 - Cid adds another IPO3 to his resume at the OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club's Trial. Cid was High IPO3 and tied for High in Trial and High in Protection(96). Trial was judged by Herr Jakob Meyer.
  • 09/01/2012 - Cid adds another IPO3 at the NEOWDA Schutzhund Trial judged by Herr Walter Hoffman. He earned High protection, High IPO3 and High in Trial. Thanks NEOWDA for the hospitality and good time!
  • 10/13/2012 - Tim tak>es Cid to work on tracking at OG Keystone's Trial and enters him in Tracking 3. Cid produces highest tracking score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS OG KEYSTONE for the great hospitality and trial!
  • 09/28/2013 - Cid makes his 15th IPO3 with a very nice 281 and HIGH Protection at the Orange County Schutzhund Klub's Trial in New York judged by SV Judge and Koermeiste rHelmut Konig.  Cid was, also, the helper's choice in protection!  A good day for Tim and Cid.
  • 11/24/2013 - Cid adds a 16th IPO3 to his resume at the Cedar Hill Working Dog Club's Trial in Bowling Green, Ky.  Cid was High Obedience, High Protection, High IPO3 and High in Trial.
  • 12/26/2013 - Cid receives a certificate from the United Schutzhund Clubs of America awarding Cid the title of:  "WORKING CHAMPION"! SO PROUD!


Cid on the trial field

—Video by Ed Lazor
"Demo dog" Cid guarding after the out on the
back half helper at the 2012 NASS--Cid was a hit!!!!!
Cid on April 11, 2014 at almost 8
years old! Thanks to heidi Theis
for the great stack!
Cid with his trophies from the Cedar Hill
Trial on 11/24/13. he was High Obedience,
High Protection, High IPO3 and High in Trial.
What a great trial for Cid and Tim!!!!
Cid doing "demo dog" at the 2012 NASS
on the front half females helper!
He made the judge smile!
Cid doing "demo dog" duty at the 2012
NASSon a super back-half helper!!!!!
5/14/2011-Cid's escape
bite. Cid was HIgh Sch3!
Cid Head shot from 2-1-2012.
Kind, well-temperamented with
lots of drive for the work!
Cid's Bark and Hold at
OG BUckeye Trial on
Cid on 2-1-2012. Nice
dog on any venue!!!Super
producer, too!!!!!
Cid tracking on August 16th, 2013.
Beautiful picture!!
Cid at Helper Seminar May 2014. It is
like Cid is saying "Can you hear me now"!
Photo by Lorna Thomas.
Cid's retrieve over hurdle at Cedar
Hill's Trial on 11/24/13. Nice!
During Herr Hohmann's obedience critique.
Cid is looking at Tim like-How was that!!!
Cid's front after recall at Cedar Hill's Trial
on 11/24/13. Cid was High Obedience. COLD DAY!
Cid is waiting to be sent on long
bite at Cedar Hill's Trial on 11/24/13.
He LOVES this part!
Cid's guard after long bite at Cedar
Hill's Trial. Cid made 96 for this
Cid's back transport on 11/24/13
at the Cedar Hill Trial--a "V" for
Cid in Phase C--NICE routine.
Cid was asked to be the "demo dog" before
the bitework for both males and females at
the North American Sieger Show. Neither Tim
nor Cid will turn down an opportunity to
work on 3 National level helpers!!10/20/2012.
Cid on Albee as he is made
Koerklasse 1 for Life at the
Mid East Regional Conformation
Show and Survey on 6/26/2011.
Cid's out and silent guard
during his protection work
on 6/26/2011--KKL1 for Life!
A headshot taken in Ohio
on March 13, 2011. So well-
temperamented. Sch3, IP3, KKL1
Cid's recall at the MER Working Dog
Championships 9/2012.
Cid preventing the escape at the MER
Working Dog Championship 9/2012. Strong
and powerful! Look at his intensity!
Tim and Cid during the critique of
obedience at the MER Working Dog
Championship 9/2012. Cid LOVES Tim!
Cid's retrieve over hurdle.
5/14/2011 schutzhund trial!
Cid's retrieve over wall for
Sch3 on 5/14/2011. High Sch3.
Cid's send out at the OG
Buckeye 5/14/11 Trial!
We call him "Uncle Cid" because
he is sooo good with the puppies!
Cid and Tim heeling on a
VERY cold day in March 2011.
Thanks, Esther for the nice
March training pictures!
A nice schtay by Cid on a
VERY cold March day! 2011
Cid, taken in Germany in
mid-February 2011. "V" in
conformation plus LOTS
of DRIVE and desire to please!