Von Der Wilmothhaus

Beauty and Workability

Lucca was imported from Germany as the foundation of our breeding program.Lucca is one of Tim's Police K-9's partners. Lucca has also received the AKC Canine Good Citizens Award!

V- Lucca vom Winnloh Multiple SchH3, KKL1 Life (LBZ)
"A" normal hip — DOB 7/29/2000 — DNA-typed.
Lucca is a certified Police K-9 in the State of Ohio.
SZ#2069152, USF#5313, AKC# DL901076/01
Sire — VA-Karly von Arminius SZ# 1829910 SchH3, KKL1a
Dam — V- Zali vom Winnloh SZ# 2010878 Sch2 KKL1a
02/09/2011 - Our wonderful Lucca passed away on this day!
Lucca-"A Canine Good Citizen!"
Lucca posing with his badge.
Lucca is chosen to be on the poster/banner
to represent the "total" German Shepherd
at the 2008 World Show in Cincinnati!
Lucca waiting for start of
AD. What a pretty dog!
Lucca and Rosella with 5 of their 9
A litter puppies at a show. Lucca and
Rosella went V and all 5 puppies were
Lucca's Guarding at a Fair Demo
Lucca and Tim at a Demo
Lucca and Tim at the Pro Football Hall

of Fame keeping all of us safe!
Lucca's hurdle jump during his
Lucca during Stand for Exam in
Pittsburgh! Lovely stack!
Lucca getting sworn in for the first
time..Patrol/ Cadaver K-9!
At Lucca's swearing in. The reporter's
cameras LOVED Lucca!
Lucca and Tim talking a break from work.
After initial breed survey--- KKL1
Bowling Green, KY. 11.15.02
Lucca Airborne!
Standing for Exam
Sieger Show
Pittsburgh, PA
Stylin' for the Gals
Sieger Show
Pittsburgh, PA -- 2005
Lucca waiting for his turn on the field
to do his protection test at a Sieger
This is Tim's surprise Christmas
present. The artist is Robert
Skerl of rjsstudios. It is, of
course, Lucca. To contact Robert
to see his work, go to www.rjsstudios.com
for a forever treasure....
K-9 Lucca taken by
Charlie Snyder 8/08!
Lucca heeling for Sch2.
Bark and Hold

Helper Training Seminar

Seville, OH -- 2005
Tim and Lucca's Trading Card