Von Der Wilmothhaus

Like Father, Like Son

Arco was bred, raised, shown and titled by us.  Our hopes are high for this son of Lucca to someday fill the  big shoes of his sire.  As a multiple "V" (one at the Sieger Show), a multiple Sch3 and KKL1a(Life), he is on his way! OUR WONDERFUL ARCO PASSED AWAY IN 2012. HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND PAGE REMAIN__HE LIVES ON IN HIS PROGENY!

V-Arco Von Der Wilmothhaus
SZ#0015765 USF#14974 AKC#DN03721812
DOB:06/08/2003 Black/Tan "a" normal hips
Multiple Sch3,  KKL1(Life)   DNA typed
Sire: V- Lucca vom Winnloh SchH3, KKL1 Life "a" stamp SZ#2069152
Dam: V- Rosella vom Heerbusch Sch1, KKL1 Life "a" stamp
Arco "Over the Hurdle" - Sch3.
Arco- "V" Working Males
Mid East Regional 2007
Arco and Katharina at Arco's
initial Breed Survey in October
Arco - Attack out of Back Transport
Arco bite- Sch3.
Arco during Critique
Sch3 Protection
Arco's Sch3 Blind Search
Arco Guarding - Sch3
Arco heeling for his
3rd Sch3!
Arco on Mark after courage
test as Johannes Grewe looks
on. Arco's 3rd Sch3!
"Full mouth bite" by
Arco on one of his
Sch3's--I am not sure
who is driving who!
Arco countering an "escape"
Arco on one of his Sch3's-
"Total concentration".
Arco en route to prevent
the escape in one of his
Sch3 routines.
Arco's "innocent" look during
a critique. He looks as if he
saying "I did what"?
Arco and Katharina at the
2007 US Sieger Show in Danbury,
Connecticut earning their "V"
in the Working Males.
Arco gaiting for VP1
in the 9 - 12 Month
Males at the O G Buckeye
Conformation show in
May of 2004.
Arco gaiting for another "V" in the
Working Males at the Mid East Regional
Conformation Championship on 9/13/08.
He is handled by our friend, Yvonne, and
this lovely picture was taken by her
husband, AK. Thanks for taking this pic!
I love it!!!!!