Von Der Wilmothhaus

Grace in motion

Lovely movement and energy compliment the beauty of this  female. 

V-Domina von den Lahnhohen  SchH2, KKL1  "a" normal hips and elbows! 
Born:  December 15, 2007
SireVA-Dux de Cuatro Flores Sch3 FH1
Dam V-Aura von den Lahnhohen Sch3 FH2

4/10/2010 - Domina receives her Sch2!!!!!  SUPER!  

6/12/2010 - Domina is made V1 in the Working Females by Dieter Oeser! Lookin' SUPER! 

)6/16.2012 - Domi is the MER Regional Siegrin at the Regional Championship Show Judged by Herr Walters.  V1 Working Females.  Two of Domi's off spring won their classes:  Rexx von der Wilmothhaus SG1 12-18 month males and Ultimate von der Wilmothhaus "VP1" 4-6 month females.

06/2013 - Domi is V2 in the Working Females at the NEOWDA Conformation Show.

09/29/2013 - Domi is "V" in the Working Females at the Orange County Schutzhund Klub's Show judged by Herr helmut Konig in Newburgh, New York.

10/05/2013 - Domi makes the podium with a big "V" in the Working Females at the MER Conformation championship judged by Herr Dieter Oeser.

Domi on the podium at the 2013 MER
Conformation Championship for the
Working Females!!!
Domi gaiting in the Working Females at the
2013 MER Conformation Championship. Lovely
Domi!!! Another "V" for Domina!
On June 16, 2012, Domina gaiting to win
the Working Females Class at the Mid East
Regional Conformation Show-Region Siegrin!
Domi, also, was made koerklasse for life
on June 17, 2012 by Herr Hoffman.
"Domi" and Katharina on
6/4/10. Domi looks like
a "big girl" now!
The lovely Domina after
receiving her KKL1(2011/2012)
from Herr Scheerer. Big
Thank You to Kat & Juergan!
Domi with her "happy face",
as she gaits for her V1 in
the Working Females on 6/12/10!
Domi and Kat waiting for
their turn in the stand for
exam. Domi looked stunning
as she won the class and V1!
Domi winning the Working Females
on 6/12/2010! thanks for the super
pictures Cris!
Domina in June of 2009
during the heeling for
her BH!
June 15, 2009- Domina
receives the AKC Canine
Good Citizen Award!
A lovely close-up of Domi!
Thanks, Charlie!
Domi being "very patient
for the flat retrieve.
Domi is "workin'hard"
on her Bark-n-Hold!
Kat with Domi gaiting in
the fast lap on leash! Domi
moves sooooo lovely! V1
Kat with Domi doing the off leash
lap while winning the Working
Our wonderful friends, Katharina
and Juergan Oster. They not only
showed our dogs in Chicago, but
they brought us our Domina and Goldie
from Germany!!! THANKS!!!!!!!
Jeff and Domina beginning
the AD October 4, 2009 at
the NEOWDA Trial. Thanks,
Domina taking a break after
the 1st two legs of the AD.
MANY thanks to our friend,
Jeff, seen here, for biking
our lovely girl!!!!!!!
My lovely Domina practicing
heeling. So much fun and
Domina gaiting in the 12-18
month females at the NEOWDA
Conformation Show and Survey
on June 13, 2009!
Domi's critique after the
protection phase of her Sch2!
Thanks Kat and Juergan..A