Von Der Wilmothhaus

We are happy to announce that the "S" litter Wilmothhaus arrived on 11/27/2011.  Proud parents are V-Wenzel von der Edelquelle Sch3, IPO3, FH1 and V-Jessy vom Treuenbrietzener Land Sch2, FH1 KKL1.  
Sadie at 8 months relaxing
at home.
Sadie is always making sure
her home is safe! Very
nice young female.
Sofie von der Wilmothhaus "on
the podium" for VP3 in a large
and strong 4-6 month females
class. Jessy and Wenzel are
One of the "S" girls at
54 days. "Did I leave my
bone in here?" LOL
One of the "S" kids sporting
a new tattoo! Soooo cute!
Sofie in the ring at the 2012 USA
Sieger Show-VP# in the 4-6 month
females-very nice Sofie!
Sofie after completing her AD title.
She received her BH title on May 26,
2013. On her way now to her IPO1 and
Breed survey!! A lovely, young female!!
One of the lovely "S" girls
at 5 1/2 weeks. Taken by
Katharina! Nice pic...
The Jessy/Wenzel "S" girls
at 11 hours old. Mom is so
An "S" girl at 19 days.
So lovely.
Lovely color--the "S" girls.
This is a SUPER cross!