Von Der Wilmothhaus

I Litter

This is Arco's first litter.  The mother is Catja. The litter was born September 23, 2007.

Logan (aka Idol von der Wilmothhaus)
after winning the 9-12 month males
at the Mid East Regional Show on
9/13/08. Logan belongs to our daughter,
Beth, and was handled by our friend,
Yvonne, and this photo was taken by
our friend, AK, of Team Nummer Ein!
Idol von der Wilmothhaus (aka Logan) at 53 days.
Ike at 3 months & "The Train"!
Ike von der Wilmothhaus at 54 days!
Our daughter, Beth, with Logan
(aka Idol)-A "Canine Good Citizen!"
Isabel (AKA Izzy) receiving
her AKC Canine Good
Citizens Award. Good job
Idol von der Wilmothhaus
AKA Logan at 10 months!
Headshot of our daughter,
Beth's, Arco son, Idol von
der Wilmothhaus (Logan) at
10 months.
Isabel (Izzie) being critiqued
after winning the 12-18 month
females 10/18/08 - SG1!
Idol being awarded SG1 in
the 12-18 month males on
Katharina and Idol(Logan)
waiting their turn in the
12-18 Month Males, which
he won 10/18/08!
Isky von der Wilmothhaus at 54 days!
Isabel von der Wilmothhaus at 54 days!
Izzie and Susan receiving their
critique for their BH. Congrats!!
The lovely Izzy at 6 1/2 months old!!!
The handsome Idol(aka Logan) at 6 1/2 months old!
Izzy and Logan in school at 6 1/2
months! I wonder what the pug
thinks sitting next to Logan!
Idol (aka Logan) at 3 Months!
Idol aka Logan at 4 months
learning to "free stack"!
Beth and Logan heeling
into the group.
Isabel von der Wilmothhaus
on March 15, 2008, after
receiving VP in the 3-6 Month
Females at the South East
Regional Conformation Show!