Von Der Wilmothhaus

The pictures and info shared here will be of training, both from the past AND of the present. This is how we got where we are and how we plan to get where we want to go!

Yes!! Bad guys climb trees!
You can't do what you don't
train for!!!!
Tim's K-9 Doc infront of the K-9 Training
Grounds from the early 90's. Many good
Street K-9's were trained here!!!!
Juergan Oster, teacher, helper and
most of all, "Our Friend"! A very
knowledgeable person in our sport!
K-9 decoy seminar May 2014 in Canton, Ohio.
Photo by Lorna Thomas. Good times!
Kimon-Protection Training
OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club
"Talk about Full Bite"
Mark using K-9 Lucca to
demonstrate "Bark & Hold"
at a decoy school hosted
by Lindesfarne Kennels.
Paula "training" 4 month old

Erin at a Practice Show!
The tressel that each K-9 team crossed
to get to area for a "real" body search.
VERY scary, 20' in the air with a river
running beneath it!
Beside the river looking up to
the tressel as a K-9 team crosses!!