Von Der Wilmothhaus

The DD Litter Wilmothhaus was born on April 26, 2015.  Sire is Lucca vom Winnloh and Mother is Willow von der Wilmothhaus.  We waited a long time to make this cross, a Wenzel daughter with Lucca.  Enjoy the pictures as they grow.
Dante aka Sabre practicing
his protection work. Nice!
Dante aka Sabre February 2016
One of the "DD""kids" on
April 28, 2015. Looks like
Willow feed 'em well!
The "DD" litter Wilmothhaus in a
"puppy pile..all six of them!
Photo taken 4/28/15....
One of the DD puppies on
May 24, 3015. Growing up!
On May 18, 2015, there is NO room at
the milk bar. one of the puppies
has to come up for air! LOL
Four of the DD puppies on June13,
2015 at dusk!!!! Funny puppies!
Two of the DD puppies on
June 2, CE!
One of the DD puppies on June 2,
2015. I can run very fast!!!!!!
Django's 2016 Valentine picture.
Djuneau with Santa for her
Christmas 2015 picture. NICE!
Djuneau at 5 months. Growing into
a LOVELY young female...NICE!
Dozer at 10 weeks. LOVELY pigment and
color. Super nice male puppy!
Dozer staring out the window while his big
sister takes a nap! Gotta be a squirrel
out here somewhere!
Dyno and Jim working on the front
in obedience. Pretty good for
four months!!!!!
One of the DD "kids" on

May 4, 2015. So Cute!
On May 10, 2015...Growing

like bad weeds!!!!! The very

nice Double D's!!!!!!
Willow loving on her puppies. She

is such a good mother, like her

mother, Jessy. LOVELY PUPPIES!Photo

taken 4/26/2015.......