Von Der Wilmothhaus

The "V" litter Wilmothhaus was whelped on April 4, 2012.  Sire is 6 X Sch3, Ipo3, FH2, Crok von der Moerdersdell  KKL1 and Mother is Tim's Nitrate Detection Dog, Zoe von Lindesfarne, AD, BH, SG1.  3 males and 7 females comprise this 10 puppy litter.  These pups shold have excellent temperaments, super structure and great drive for the work.
Viveca at 9 months. A lovely
almost 9 month old Zoe/Crok female.
One of the "V" kids at 3 weeks.
Zoe and Crok did very GOOD!
Our friend, Kelly, with 6 of
the "V" litter Wilmothhaus!
VERY, very nice!
The Zoe/Crok bi-colored male at
3 weeks old. Cute "V" boy!
One of the sable "V" pups at 3
weeks.....nice head/nice puppy!
One of the sable"V"
kids at 4 weeks! Nice!
One of the "V" puppies
at 4 weeks!!! So cute!
Vince (aka Kayn) at 6 months! A

nice combo of Crok and Zoe!!!!!
Vince(aka Kayn) at 7 months. Taking

a rest after a hard play. A nice male!
Vince outside at 8 weeks.
A big, strong and nice boy!
White girl..so pretty, with
super nice drive and temperament.
Parker building "ball drive"(LOL)
with one of the "V" girls at 8 1/2
weeks! Kids and puppies, always good
Valiant at 7 weeks just before he
goes to his new home. VERY NICE
Valentina at 11 weeks Bright,
lovely with nice size and drive.
Valentina von der Wilmothhaus(aka Willow)
at 14 months of age. LOVELY Zoe/Crok
puppy. Thanks Jean West for the photo!
Vana at 8 1/2 weeks with a
member of her new family.
Nice puppy to a good home!
Vayda posing at 13 weeks.
Soo lovely! Nice pic.
Vayda after a summer swim.
She has her "who me?" look on!
Vince and his handler, Ed, achieved
their IPO1 at the Mid East Regional
Working Dog Championship in Kentucky.
They were also 2nd place IPO1 and made
the podium at their 1st trial! NICE!
Vince (aka Kayn) V2 Working Males and Vice-Sieger
at the 2014 MER Conformation Championship 11/15/2014.
Handled by Jessica Matarese. Photo byKenny Harrison.
Viper at 7 weeks posing before going
to his new home. You got a nice
puppy, Doug! Super nice male.
The lovely Vista on March 28, 2014
at almost 2 years old. NICE!
Viveca enjoying her new family in
our front yard. 7 1/2 weeks old.
A lovely female for a very nice
Zoe and her 10 puppies at one day old!
4 bi-colored and 6 sable...nice puppies.
Zoe/Crok "V" kids
at one day old!!!
Even at one day old, it is
VERY crowded at the "milk bar"!