Von Der Wilmothhaus

Loved by dignitaries far and wide.

K-9 Eiche recently passed away on September 21, 2007 at 13 1/2 years old.   He truly was a great one.  Over his 10 year career, he was responsible for 51 confirmed finds. His commendations and letters of appreciation are many.  His sweeps protected Presidents, Vice-presidents, Heads of State and many high level dignitaries.  His temperament made him an attraction after his sweeps, especially at sports venues, like the Firestone Golf Championship, The Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Browns games.            RIP K-9 Eiche!

Tim, K-9 Eiche and Former
President George Bush.
K-9 Eiche and Tim outside the
Bob Dole Plane- dignitary sweep!
Tim and K-9 Eiche after
sweeping the Bush/Cheney Plane.
Tim and current President Bush.
Tim and K-9 Eiche with
the Presidential Limo.
K-9 Eiche, a son of Doc), was
a single purpose Nitrate (Bomb)
Detection K-9. Eiche retired
fron the Summit County Sheriff's
Office on March7, 2006-his
12th Birthday!!!
Tim and K-9 Eiche after a
sweep at Cleveland Brown's Stadium.
Tim and K-9 Eiche in front
of the Bomb Squad Truck.
Tim and K-9 Eiche with Tipper Gore.
Tim with former President Clinton
after a sweep.