Von Der Wilmothhaus

The New Generation

Falco, a son of Lucca and Catja was kept to evaluate this cross. He is Tim's HOT entry and his future Nitrate Detection K-9.  Falco has, also, been awarded the AKC Canine Good Citizens Award!

V Falco Von Der Wilmothhaus SchH3, KKL1
DOB:06/04/2006 Black/Tan
Fast "A" Hips / "A" Normal Elbows
Sire: V- Lucca vom Winnloh SchH3, KKL1 Life "a" stamp SZ#2069152
Dam: V-Catja Von Der Wilmothhaus SchH1 KKL1[LBZ]
"a" stamp Black/tan SZ#15197 USF#5620 AKC# DL906028/01

06/12/2010 - Falco is made V1 in the Working Males by SV Judge Dieter Oeser! A handsome boy!

10-12-2010 - Falco passed away this date! We are devastated.

Falco and Juergen just before
Herr Oeser calls them out for
the V1 in the Working Males on
6/12/10. Very hot, but his
training and conditioning paid off.
Falco at 4 years at
Hup Hup training!
Falco taken 6/4/10 on his
4th Birthday! He has really
matured into a nice boy!
Falco--A "Canine Good Citizen!"
Tim and Falco on a break
during Falco's AD 10/18/08.
Tim with our friend, Jeff,
who was kind enough to bike
Falco for his AD 10/18/08.
Falco retrieves over the
1 meter jump!
Falco gets into the "Bark
and Hold" portion of Phase
3!!! I think he is above
Mark's head. Just like his
"Old Man", Lucca!
Falco guarding after the
Long Bite---Wow, he sure
looks like his Dad, Lucca
in this picture!!!!
Mark drives Falco after
the escape. Falco earned
his Sch2 June 2009.
Side Transport during Sch2
June 2009.
Falco and Tim doing the
back transport during the
protection phase of Falco's
Falco on the flat retrieve
for Sch3-September 2009.
Falco during his Sch3
Protection critique
September 2009
Juergen and Falco gaiting
to V1 in the Working Male
Class on 6/12/10.
Falco at 5 weeks!
The weather was frigid,
but getting High BH helped!
Tim returns to Falco
and SV Helmut Rueppell
to complete Part B of
the "BH".
Falco received a 99 in
tracking in his Sch1. He
is working hard on equalling
that or "better" in his
Sch2! "Lookin' good" here!
Lucca and Falco after
completing the AKC Canine
Good Citizens Test!
Falco stack VP1 at 4 Months
Falco gaiting 12-18 Month Males - SG
Mid East Regional
VP1 4-6 Month Males