Von Der Wilmothhaus

The pictures below were taken on January 23, 2008.  Temperature is in single digits.  Everything looks as cold and barren as Ohio truly is in January.   Pictures will be re-taken  this spring of all of the outside areas. 

Bathing Area.
The heated whelping room is 19
feet by 14 feet and is monitored
by a closed circuit camera.
Our main kennel building.
Front exercise and
work area.
Part of the obedience
Heated obedience room.
Comes in handy during
Ohio winters.
Behind main kennel.
Outside exercise area.
Dog in picture is Arco-
he saw a camera!!!!!
Fenced in back yard-
for my pampered puppies!
This is the front of the
complex where our new
training building is!
Parking in front and in
Back entrance of training area.
Man door and overhead door to open
when weather permits. Hi, Tim!
Lots of room with mats and
heat!! Many state of the art
training aids for scent dogs.
Large grassy area off of the
parking lot to work outside
when weather permits.
This sign hangs outside our
Obedience Room.