Von Der Wilmothhaus

The "Y" litter Wilmothhaus was born on January 14, 2013.  This much awaited cross between Goldi vom Vogelsberegr Sudhang Sch3, KKL1 and V-Wenzel von der Edelquelle IPO3, Sch3, FH1, KKL1 is made up of 6 puppies - 4 males and 2 females.  Nice, large and lovely puppies!!!!!!!!!!
Goldi with her "pile" of "Y" puppies
at a couple of hours old. VERY LARGE
and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Y" puppies at just hours old. Lovely
pigment and size. We are pleased....
Y kids at 6 days. The "smiling" one
is a male...AND a baby bighead for sure!
"Y" kids at 6 days. VERY NICE.
The Wenzel/Goldi cross looks good.
Four of the "Y" kids at 13 days
working on their next "milk coma".
Goldi and one of her 13 day old
"Y" puppies. She is such a great
The "Y" kids hangin' out at one
of their favorite places-MILK BAR.
Two of the "Y" pups "playing" on
One of the "Y" puppies at 28 days. All
"sacked out" after a hard day with his
Two of the "Y" kids at 28 days. They
are large and lovely with lots of play!
One of the "Y" "girls" at 5 weeks.
Very nice all around!
One of the "Y" males at 5 weeks old.

I like this guy ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Y litter male, Yenko watching me while
Tim is watching TV--Nice male!!!!
Y litter male, Yago, is going to be
a Police K-9 when he grows up. For
right now this 8 week old puppy is the
best friend of a super young lady!
Yanni, a Y litter female, is having a
chat with Tim at the firepit wall.1st
time outside--sooo much fun!
Yasha, a Y litter femal outside for the
1st time and having FUN! Nice female!!!
Kathy's Y litter male, Yasso,
with Tim at the firepit on his
first day outside. A nice puppy!
Yasso(aka Bubba) gaiting on
his 1st day outside- almost
8 weeks old--sooo nice!
Yago(aka Jethro) at 4 months. I think
he has his "gremlin look" goin' on!
Yago, aka K-9 Jethro, and his partner Ryan
showing off their certificate for passing
the State of OhioK-9 certification for both
Patrol and narcotics today, February 04, 2015!
Wear that badge well! Very proud!
Yago, aka K-9 Jethro on January 20,
2015. Lookin' good sporting his
K-9 Vest! So proud!
Yasha in her new home in Pa.
A lovely almost 9 week old
Yasha at almost 9 weeks old with
her two lovely best friends...NICE!
Yasha on March 28th. Soooo
pretty and look at those ears!
Yasso on April 11, 2014 at 14 months
old. Thanks to heidi Theis for the
nice stack. He is a nice,young male.
Yasso and Kelly at the Orange

County Schutzhund Klub's Show

judged by Herr Konig. VP in

6-9 month males! He's learnin'
Yasso at the 2013 MER Conformation
Championship.VP in 6-9 males!
Yasso gaiting in the 6-9 month males
at the MER Conformation Championship
in Indianapolis. VP 6-9 males!
Yasso on April 26. Showing much
power for only 3 months old!
Yasso on April26 at just over 3
months old---Intense!
Kathy's Yasso on April 7th--
11 weeks old! He was on
"stick patrol"! LOL
Close-up of Yasso at just over 3
months old-April 26, 2013... I see
Wenzel in those eyes!!!!!
Yasso on 11/16/13. Hope he
learns not to throw spit at
helpers soon. LOVES this
Yasso LOVES Protection!
At 10 months and 2 days old on
11/16/13, I think Yasso is learning
what a "full mouth bite" is! Love it!
Yenko at 10 months in our 1st
major snow this season. A super
nice young male with great intensity
and temperament!!
Yenko in his backyard on July 30, 2013
LOVES to play!
Yenko on March 19th at 9 weeks
old. LOVE the face...........
Yenko and his owner, Kyle, swimming
on June 23, 2013. He LOVES water!
Yenko with his VP2 ribbon he received at the
NEOWDA Conformation Show in the 4-6 males in
June 2013
Yukon(aka Otto) at his new home in PA.
at 8 1/2 weeks old. Gonna be a big boy!
Yukon(aka Otto) with his handler, Jeannie.

Otto is in training for Search and Rescue/

Cadaver. Looking quite handsome here!November 2013
Yukon(call name Otto)in training
for Search and Rescue/Cadaver, November
2013--Handsome young male!