Von Der Wilmothhaus

The "T" litter Wilmothhaus was whelped on 12/29/2011.   The Mother is our Goldi vom Vogelsberger Sudhang Sch3, KKL1 for life.  The sire is Tim's V-Cid von der Sandkautschneise 7 X Sch3, IPO3 and KKL1 for life.   The litter has 5 puppies-4 females and 1 male--ALL solid black like Goldi!
Tila at 8 1/2 weeks old on
her 1st outside trip.. Gonna
be a K-9 someday!!!!!!!!!
Tessa is the Goldi/Cid female that
Tim decided to keep to, hopefully,
replace Goldi in our program...
VERY nice girl-but they all were!!!!!
The "T" litter Wilmothhaus at
11 hours old. ALL solid black.
Goldi and Cid are so proud!
One of the "T" kids at 17
days. They are soooo nice!
I think I have discovered a "clown"
in the "T" litter!!! LOL
One of the "T" litter "girls"
at 17 days...Pretty girl!
The "T" kids at 6 days.

Large, lovely and VERY

content. We are pleased

thus far!!!!!
24 days old and lovin' the
goat's milk. They grow so
24 days old--They still love
Momma, but no room left for
all five at the milk bar!
Wilmothhaus "T" litter
group photo at 15 days!
This moment lasted 3 seconds!
LOL Nice pups.
Tila on her first "boat patrol" ride.
She LOVED it. Tila will be a Cadaver and
Search and Rescue K-9. She is a Cid/Goldie
daughter---very nice!
Trinity graduates from
"puppy school!!! SUPER!
Trinity at her new home in Florida
with her new BFF-a black cat!! Such
a lovely female..............