Von Der Wilmothhaus

2020 NEWS

     09/20/2020 - Our lovely Greta added a 2nd IGP3 to her resume...even scoring 100 points in her track!!!!  Trial was at Countyline Hundesport judged by Al Govednik.

     09/20/2020 - Our daughter Beth and our Ely von der Wilmothhaus(Emilia/Wenzel) achieved their Fpr2(TR2) with 99 points at the Countyline Hundesport trial judged by Al Govednik

     09/19/2020 - Our Hap von der Wilmothhaus(Lucca/Willow) achieved his IGP1 title at the Countyline Hundesport trial judged by Al Govednik!  Great job!

    09/18/2020 - A  Cid granddaughter and Yasso daughter owned, trained and bred by Valerie Miller, achieved their BH and AD at the Countyline Hundesport trial judged by Al Govednik.

   09/16/2020 - Lugar von der Wilmothhaus and his handler/trainer/owner, Jeanie,  achieve the AKC Canine Good Citizens Urban title!!! Congrats!

 09/04/2020 - Our lovely V-Orly vom Ketscher Wald IPO2, KKL life, Certified Narcotics K-9 delivered the MM litter Wilmothhaus.  This all black litter has 2 males and 1 female.  Sire is our V- Yasso von der Wilmothhaus IPO2, KKL life.  This is Orly's last litter.  A well-deserved retirement is in her future!!!!!

     08/19/2020 - Congraulations to Lugar von der Wilmothhaus(Yasso/Orly) and his owner/handler/trainer, Jeanie, on achieving their AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizens title.  Great job!!!

     07/22/2020 - Congrats to Lugar von der Wilmothhaus and his owner, Jeanie, on achieving their AKC Canine Good Citizen Award.  Lugar is a son of Orly and Yasso and of the LL litter Wilmothhaus.

     06/27/2020 - Congratulations to Indie von der Wilmothhaus and her owner/handler, Teryl, on achieving their BH at the New Age Tri State Doberman Club's trial judged by Bogdan Sergo!!!!!  Indie is a Yasso/Orly daughter!!!!

     06/03/2020 - Congrats to Leisel von der Wilmothhaus and her owner, Dave Davis, on achieving the AKC Canine good Citizen Award.  Leisel is a daughter of Orly and Yasso from the LL litter Wilmothhaus.

     03/11/2020 - a Yasso/Orly daughter, Indie von der Wilmothhaus, has achieved her Dock Junior title from the North America Dock Diving Dogs, her Tracking Urban Title from AKC, and her Odor Recognition title from the National Association of Canine Scent Work!  She has legs in AKC Scent Work and AKC Fast Cat and will attempt her IGP-BH this May.  Congrats BUSY GIRL!!!!!

     03/09/2020 - Our LOVELY new female, Greta, receives DM clear(n/n) from OFA.  Greta is MANY times V, IPO2, IGP3, KKL for life, a normal hips and elbows and now DM clear!!!!!!!

     02/01/2020 - Congrats to Iva Ilyse von der Wilmothhaus on receiving "a" norma; on her hips from the SV.  Iva is owned by Heather McClinsey...Congrats!!!

     01/20/2020 - Congratulations to JoAnna Bratt's dog, Hachi von der Wilmothhaus, for receiving OFA  Good Hip Rating  and OFA normal Elbow rating!   Hachi is a Lucca/Willow son.