Von Der Wilmothhaus

A Litter

June 8, 2003.   This was the first litter crossing our V-Lucca vom Winnloh Sch3 KKl1a and our V-Rosella vom Heerbusch  Sch1  KKl1a.  What a wonderful litter it is!!!!!

We kept Arco from this litter.  He has matured in to a very nice dog. To see pictures and info on Arco, go to the Males Tab on the homepage, then click on Arco!  He is now multiple V-Arco von der Wilmothhaus  multiple Sch3  KKL1a for life!  To see Arco's page, click on :   http://www.wilmothdogs.com/WK9/Arco.aspx

This a group photo we had taken at the 2004 OG Buckeye conformation show. These are nearly all the dogs from the A litter. Back row, Mary Lou Mitsch holds Rosella, Tim with Lucca. (Front Row) Joelle with Amber, Linda Barton with Abill, Ron Gray with Arno, Joey Bratt with Atticus and Kathy with Arco.

All the young dogs did very well at this event. All the young dogs went VP. Lucca and Rosella went V.
On 2/17/2010 Atti (Atticus
von der Wilmothhaus) and his
owner/handler, Joey, passed
the Delta Society test to do
animal assisted therapy! We
are very proud!!! Photo from
Fall of 2009.
Christmas 2009-Atticus
and Santa!! Hmmmm, naughty
or nice????
Abill at 7 years old. April
of 2011 he receives his AKC
Canine Good Citizens Award!!
Amber "helping" with snack time!
She now has her AKC Canine Good
Citizens' Award. She is 7 years old.
Amber at 6 months. Her specialty is Flyball!
Atticus von der Wilmothhaus SG1
Amonzo von der Wilmothhaus
Amber in a Flyball competition--AND Flying!!
Arco at 9 weeks!
9-12 Month Males "A" litter Wilmothhaus
left to right: Arco, Atticus, Arno and Abill.
All VP!
Amonzo at his home in

Florida- Summer 2009!
Arno at 2 years old.