Von Der Wilmothhaus

          Jessy                            V-Jessy vom Treuenbrietzener Land Sch2, FH1, KKL1        

    "Class and Confidence"                    "a" normal hips and elbows

Jessy arrived in the here on 1/11/2010. She was located by our friends, Katharina and Juergan,the end of December and stayed in their home until Tim picked her up.  We sincerely hope that Jessy will give us many nice puppies.  Jessy will be bred to either Lucca or Arco on her next heat.  Watch the website for news of this upcoming litter!

6/12/2010 - Jessy is made V2 in the Working Females by SV Dieter Oeser and on 06/13/2010  is made KKL1 for Life! Great job!

Jessy and Juergan on their
way to the V2 in the Working
Females on 6/12/10!
Jessy getting her critique after
winning V2 in the Working Females
on 6/12/10. Thank you, Herr Oeser!
The lovely Jessy on 6/4/10
Can't wait for her to have
puppies for us!
The out after the attack
on handler during the protection
portion of jessy's Life Survey!
The "drive" after Jessy engages
Mark during her Protection work
in her Life Breed Survey!
Jessy is en route for her
long bite during her life
breed survey! KKL1 for Life!
Tim hooks Jessy up after
completing her bitework in
her Life Breed Survey!
Juergen and Jessy gaiting to
V2 in the Working Females Class!
The lovely Jessy, taken
1/21/10. Her coat and
color is coming back after
her heat. Such a nice dog!