Von Der Wilmothhaus

VERY EXCITED to share that the GG litter Wilmothhaus was born on 1/21/2017.  Mother is the LOVELY VA- Madonna vom Badsee IPO2, KKL and Father is our Handsome V- Wenzel von der Edelquelle IPO3, ScH3, FH1, KKL. Should be super nice puppies!!!!!!

GG female on March 16, 2017
GG female waiting on her new
owner to pick her up.
March 16, 2017
Gretchen in her new home--
having fun! LOVED!
Two sweet and tired puppies!
The lovely Madonna with her
newborn puppies.
January 23,2017
Madonna is a doting and
loving Mother!
Crowded at the milk bar!
GG puppy resting on Mom's
foot. Sooo cute!
Posing for the camera already.
Handsome puppy!
1st time outside. Lovely!
Feb 3, 2017
Lovely puppy Feb 3, 2017!
First time outside
Feb3, 2017
Grace at her new home. March 2017!
Gretchen stole the garden bucket!

April 2017
Gretchen late May 2017.
Very nice!
Griff in his new home March 2017.
Poor guy has no toys! LOL
GG litter male, Griff 2019