Von Der Wilmothhaus

Announcing a Litter of 8!

Born August 17, 2009, Mother is our V-Catja von der Wilmothhaus Sch1, KKL1a(LBZ).  Father is our V-Arco von der Wilmothhaus Sch3, KKL1a(LBZ). Litter has five females and 3 males. These are full brothers and sisters to the "I" litter Wilmothhaus.

Go to:  http://www.wilmothdogs.com/wk9/Content.aspx?pagename=Lea   Lea  is the puppy we kept from this litter and there will be additional pictures of her there! We hope that someday Lea will replace her mother, Catja, in our breeding program.  So, we gave her her own page! 

Lucian at 17 months! He is
growing into a very nice
young adult!!!!
Lucian at 17 months. Hips are "a'
normal and elbows "a" normal!!!!
Lucian gaiting to SG1 at the
Mid East regional Conformation
Show on 6/25/2011. NICE!
Lucian's stand during his critique
as he is made SG1 in the 18-24 month
males at the Mid East Regional Show
on 6/25/2011. Nice picture/nice dog!
Lady Aka "Berlin" at
9 weeks. I LOVE this
cross of Arco/Catja!
Lucas at 8 weeks. Don't
let the "angelic" look
fool you!
Lea at 8 weeks. As always
she is looking for something
to get into. A true imp!
No angelic look here...
all mischief! Lea!
One of the "L" kids
at 8 weeks!
Leksi at 4 1/2 months old
in the snow of January 2010!
She looks like a big girl in
this picture!
Leksi has a new passion.

She LOVES riding the go-cart

with her family! 3 months

old in this picture.
Leksi at 3 months. Maybe,
when she grows up, her family
can find her a job in the
mining industry!! LOL
Lexis at 9 weeks.
"Ain't she sweet"!!
Cati says, "Whew!!" Count them!
Now, that is work!!!!
Lucian enjoying one of the
last "nice" fall days. He is
going to be a BIG boy!!!!!
The lovely Lea at 3
months. Arco and Cati
did well, again!
1st day home at 7 1/2 weeks.
Lexis is lucky to have a new
friend that will share!!!!
Lady(aka Berlin) at 14 months!
Super companion and ever watchful!
The "L" Crew at 19 days!
The lovely Lea on 6/4/10.
She is 9 months old here!
Halloween Wsihes from
Lexis and her new family.
Soooo pretty!
Lucian, standing while
getting his critique. Wait
until he grows into
that body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucian gaiting to VP2!
Good job!
Lea gaaiting for VP1 on
June 12, 2010. Nice job!