Von Der Wilmothhaus

Zorra von Winsome Peters' Elite (call name Sora)
DOB:  July 05, 2019   "a" fast normal hips;  "a' normal elbows   DM carrier (n/y)
Sire: Kaspar von Tronje    Dam:  Nova von Tronje

Watch for this lovely young female in the show ring and on the trial field in 2021.  We feel she has a very bright future.

MANY thanks to Zorianna Peters for making Zorra available to us. Zee, you purchased a very promising puppy and your unfortunate accident prevented you from being able to fulfil your dream for her.  Your selfless act of allowing her to come to us to try to make her titles and ratings and then become one of our breeding females is commendable.  We will try very hard to make you and Zorra's breeder proud!
She is a VERY fancy "girl"!!!!!!
06/11/2021 - Zorra is awarded her BH and is High BH in Trial at Countyline Hundesport judged by ArthurCollins
08/28/2021 - Zorra makes SG2 in the 24 month Untitled Females at the MER Conformation Championship!
09/24/2021 Zorra makes her AD! on  09/25/2021 Zorra makes 99 points for her Fpr1..Super track!
09/29/2021 - Zorra earned an SG in the Open Females Class in the USCA Sieger Show held in Gurnee, Illinois. 
06/22/2022 - Zorra earns her Fpr 2 with a nice score of 94 under USCA judge Arthur Collins at Countyline's Hundesport Trial. 
Zorra practicing for AD
May 27, 2021.....
Zorra's AD September 24, 2021
Zorra and her love of play
Zorra and Kathy with the SG2 trophy
at the MER Conformation Champioinship
Zorra and Kathy High BH
June 11, 2021
Zorra and Matt in Medina
AD practice June 2021
February 2021...Zorra and her kong!
Zorra....pink toys for the princess!
Zorra front shot at the 2021 MER
Conformaiton Championship SG2
The lovely Zorra practicing for
her BH!Long down on an April day!
May 27, 2021 Show Practice
Just lovely!
Zorra....nice heeling!
March 2021
Zorra March 2021
Not just a pretty face!
Zorra on long down June 2021
Zorra LOVES snow! 2021
Jollyball is more fun
in the snow.
Zorra the snowbunny
Loves to free stack!
Zorra stack at the 2021 MER Conformation
Championship SG2 in the 24+ month
Untitled Females
Zorra and Kathy with judge Al
Govednik after Zorra's Fpr1 track
99 points!
Free stack January 2021
Zorra LOVES her kong!
Zorra and Tim....She really
loves Tim...Lots of treats!
Zorra is as pretty moving as
she is in a stack! So pretty!