Von Der Wilmothhaus

G Litter

January 30, 2007 Catja [Cati] / Lucca litter
GoodDay Von Der Wilmothhaus
(aka Adidas) at 8 weeks.
Galiana(aka Kitra) working
hard on her Sch1. She
already has her AKC CGC and
her BH! We hope 2010 brings
her the Sch1!
Belden (Lucca/Lea) on left
and Gabby(Lucca/Catja) on
right with their young owners.
Dogs and children belong
Gabriel Von Der Wilmothhaus
(call name Gabby) at almost
12 months old with one of
her "kids".
Gilda von der Wilmothhaus on 9/28/14
after passing her AKC Tracking Dog
Excellent Test. Gilda is almost 8
years old and still going strong. Next
stop is passing her VST! You go girl!
Greta von der Wilmothhaus taken
Gilda von der Wilmothhaus at 10 weeks.
Now, 2009, has her AKC tracking title!
Greta von der Wilmothhaus
at 2 1/2 months old.
A "lovely" portrait of Greta
done by an Indianapolis Artist.
VERY nice!
The lovely Gisele(call name Layla)
enjoying one of our heavy February
2009 snows.
33 Days Old
33 Days Old
33 Days Old
Alan with Galiana von der Wilmothhaus
(aka Kitra) after finsihing their
VPG1 with nice scores. Congrats
on a job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 Days