Von Der Wilmothhaus

2011 was a SUPER year with many nice puppies born here, Tim and Cid going to the GSD Nationals, Cid and Wenzel adding many  titles and both Cid and Wenzel achieving their koerklasse 1's for Life!!!!  Our wonderful friends, Katharina and Juergen Oster moved next door from Germany and we look forward to what this partnership can bring!  We sincerely hope that 2012 is exciting and successful!

1-29-2012  - NEW MAN in Town.  V-Vento aus Agrigento Sch3, KKL1 arrived here from Germany.  Owned by Juergen Oster and Kathy, we look forward to what          he will do in the show ring as well as what he can produce on USA "females"! Watch for him in 2012.

3-18-2012 - Congratulations to our V-Wenzel von der Edelquelle Sch3, IPO3, FH1 for his super placing of V6 at the Southeast Regional Conformation Show in Statesville, North Carolina.  The Working Males Class had 19 males initially entered with 15 going to the ring.  Wenzel's critique from SV Koermeister Helmut Koenig was very good and Wenzel's performance in this class was super!  Thank you to Katharina, Juergen and Kelly for all of their help and especially to Juergen for a super job handling him on a very hot North Carolina day. We are very proud.

4-20, 21, 22-2012  - Cid hads another IPO3 to his resume at the USA Working Dog Championship in Grove City, Ohio.   Congrats!!  Wenzel competed in this National Championship, but took too many outs to pass at this level in the Protection...All was very good in this phase except for the multiple outs that took many points! 

5-11-2012  - Congrats to Lucian von der Wilmothhaus and Mace von der Wilothhaus on achieving their AD's at the Fuerlands Schutzhund Club.  Good job.

5-12-2012 - Congrats to Nikolai von der Wilmothhaus(aka Niko) on receiving his BH at the NEOWDA schutzhund Trial judged by Jakob Meyer.  SUPER!!!!!!!!!

5-13-2012 - Congrats to Cid and Tim on achieving Cid's 12th IPO3(combines his IPO3's and Sch3's-now one in the same).  Cid was HighIPO3 and tied for High in Trial and High Protection (96).  Good job!

5-18-2012 --   Sofie von der Wilmothhaus (Wenzel/Jessy) is 3rd at the USA Sieger Show in Indianapolis in a large and tough 4-6 month female class.  Ramsay von der Wilmothhaus is made 3rd in a very nice 9-12 month males class.  SUPER job by two very nice Wenzel kids!

5-20-2012  - Our Wenzel von der Edelquelle adds a "V" to his resume from the USA Sieger Show in Indianapolis, Indiana in the Working Males Class.  Congrats Wenzel!!

6-16-2012 - WHAT A SUPER DAY!.  At the Mid East Regional Conformation Show---6 classes/6 Regional Champions.  Show was judged by SV judge Herr Juergen Hoffman.  All 6 dogs were presented by our friend, Kelly Grim---nice job!

4-6 month females - Ultimate von der Wilmothhaus - VP1

06-17-2012 - Our V-Domina von den Lahnhohen Sch2 is given her Koerklasse (breed survey) for Life.  A super weekend for her.

6-9 Month Females - Sofie von der Wilmothhaus - VP1

12 - 18 Month Males - Rexx von der Wilmothhaus - SG1

Adult Untitled Males - Lucian von der Wilmothhaus - SG1

Working Females - Domina von den Lahnhohen - V1

Working Males - Wenzel von der Edelquelle - V1


08/25/2012 - A HUGE congratulations to Deputy Darrell Seevers and his new K-9, Mack von der Wilmothhaus and Officer Pam Helmick and her new K-9, Quest von der Wilmothhaus(aka K-9 Halo).  Both K-9 teams today passed the State of Ohio K-9 Certifications.  K-9 Mack is a Patrol/Narcotics K-9  and K-9 Halo is a Patrol/Nitrate Detection K-9.  Both Mack and Halo are Griff/Goldi offspring. Griff is smiling down on his son and daughter today.  Great job.  Your hard work paid off! 

08/31/2012 - Congratulations to Lucian von der Wilmothhaus and his handler, Jan, and another friend, Mary Lou, and her dog Cody(aka Echo) on achieving their BH's at the NEOWDA Schutzhund Trial judged by SV Judge Walter Hoffman.  Good job!!!!

09/01/2012 - Congrats to Cid and Tim and Wenzel and Kathy for each team adding new IPO3's at the NEOWDA Schutzhund Trial judged by SV judge Walter Hoffman.  For Cid it is # 14(IPO3's) and for Wenzel it was #5(IPO3's).  Good day.

09/02/2012 - Congratulations to Mace von der Wilmothhaus(a Griff/Goldi daughter) on earning her IPO1 today at the NEOWDA Schutzhund trial.  Mace was also High in Obedience.

09/02/2012 - Congratulations to Kathy and Wenzel for earning the High Tracking award at the NEOWDA Schutzhund Trial.  A HUGE congratulations goes to Tim and Cid for earning the High Protection, High IPO3 and High in Trial awards at the NEOWDA Schutzhund Trial judges by Herr Hoffman. SUPER job!

10/13/2012 - Wenzel  adds another IPO3 (his 6th) at the OG Keystome Tria near Harrisburg, Pal.  He is HIgh in Protection and High IPO3.  Tim took Cid to work on just Tracking and Cid produces High Tracking!   Good PEOPLE/ GREAT hospitality---Thanks  OG Keystone.

10/19-21/2012 - At the North American Sieger Show in Medinah, Illinois, our Willow von der Wilmothhaus was made VP in the 3-6 Month Females, Ultimate von der Wilmothhaus was made VP in the 6-9 Month Females, Rexx von der Wilmothhaus was made SG in the  12-18 Month males and our Wenzel von der Edelquelle was awarded "V" in the Working Malse Class.   Long weeknd, but lots of fun with good people.  Thanks to our friends and customers who prepared and showed their Wenzel puppies.  We sooooo much appreciate it!

11/07/2012 - Congratulations to Officer Paul Rossi and K-9 Pete(Pete von der Wilmothhaus) and Officer Mike Talkington and K-9 Fredi on becoming Certified Patrol/Narcotics K-9's after passing the State of Ohio K-9  certifications today. K-9 Pete, Goldi/Kimon son) is the newest K-9 for the City of New Philadelphia and was bred, raised and began his training with us.  K-9 Fredi was acquired and sold by us and is the City of Canton's newest K-9.  Congrats on a SUPER job!