Von Der Wilmothhaus

Welcoming the N litter!

"N" litter is by V-Lucca vom Winnloh Sch3  KKL1(Life) and out of V-Catja von der Wilmothhaus Sch1  KKL1(Life).   They were born 4/10/2010.  This litter is ALL SOLD!'

Gaby and Nya in the

playroom "sharing" a

chair! Best friends-

and Nya is 8 weeks old!
Niko at 9 months old.
He is no longer looking
like a puppy!
Kane at 2 years with his
"little 8 week old sister,
Nya, taking a break under
a tree. Looks like "big
brother" kinda likes her!
Kane "teaching" little
sister Nya about the pool!
Niko and Nya at
26 days. Sweet!
Cati and one of her
"N" kids enjoying a
sunny Ohio day. Pup
is 39 days old here!
A Cati/Lucca "N" "kid"
at 39 days! Nice puppy!
An "N" litter kid at
44 days. We love 'em!
Niko and NYa at 12 days.
Nice "N" kids!!!!
Notice that Niko is already
out of control as he is giving
this photographer the "raspberries"
for his pose! Their eyes are
just opening, so now the trouble
The "N" kids at
4 days!!!
At 4 days, it is obvious
that much time has been
spent at the milk bar!
Niko at 11 weeks. Look how
he has grown!Nice puppy!
Niko head shot!
Niko on Pat July 2011.
He is growing up to a big
dog all the way around!
Nya and Gaby watching TV!
SOOOO Precious!
Nya and Natalie. Nya has
learned quickly where the
"snacks" come from!!!!!
Niko gaiting for his VP
in the 46 month males class
at GCSC conformation show
on September 25, 2010.
Niko "on vacation" visiting
the Four Roses Distillery.
RJ and Niko pose with "kegs"!