Von Der Wilmothhaus

The "Z"  Litter Wilmothhaus was born on July 31, 2013.  Sire is our V-Wenzel von der Edelquelle Sch3(1X), IPO3(7X), FH1, KKL1 for Life and the Mother is our lovely V-Jessy vom Treuenbrietzener Land Sch2, FH1 KKL1 for Life.  This is Jessy's last litter.  After weaning she will retire to the couch for a well-deserved retirement!

Sorry this wasn't posted earlier.  We have had some computer/website problems and uploading pictures and some info has not been possible.  Hopefully, we will have it resolved and pics will follow.

Zeke at 3 1/2 months old. Looks like
he is going to like Phase C!!!!
Zeke at almost 2 years old.
A handsome young male!
Zeke at 9 weeks. Funny boy!
Zeke at one year old. grown into
a handsome young male. Nice boy!
Zeke just before his 2nd birthday.
Zeke just hanging out in February
2015--waiting for winter to end!
Zeke on 11/16/13 warming up for

obedience. Growing fast!!!!
Zeke REALLY likes this "game"!
Handsome Zeke at almost 8 weeks old.
A VERY nice puppy!
This is Zeke von der Wilmothhaus on
September 1st. A super nice male
Zeke has decided to "take care" of
pool duties himself! LOL Helpful
Handsome Zeke at 11 weeks old.
Jessy and Wenzel made nice puppies!