Von Der Wilmothhaus

Some of the just plain fun pictures that have fond memories!

The winter storm of March 2017
left lots of ice--even on the
Our banner designed by Mitsch
Graphic Designs that hung by the
gate at the Mid East Regional
Working Dog Championship 9/21/2012.
Parker, the helper, working

on his stick technique! Soon,

Mom and Dad will need to order

his helper pants!!!! Can't wait!
Jan's Lucian get a "touch-up"
before he goes SG1 in the 18-24
males at the 2011 Mid East
Regional Conformation Show.
2009 Sieger Show "The Compound"!
Cheryl Zimmer's Motor Home was
where we all enjoyed food and
talk each evening! Good food,
Good friends--Nothing better!
Our trailer worked extremely well
in Chicago. We were able to haul,
care for and groom easily out of
this setup. Thanks, Tim!
Tim could not wait until we
were back home in Ohio to try
out the bitework on his new girl,
Goldi. So he and Juergan worked
her above the driveway at the Sheraton!
Jurgen and Katharina Oster avoid
the rain at the 2009 Sieger Show
in Chicago. They certainly could
not avoid it when the graciously
showed our dogs!
A Doc daughter. One thing NEVER
changes. Temperament is everything!
"The Crew" early morning at the
Mid East Regional -2007
Tim and Eiche take a break from
bomb sweeps in their "ride" at
the NEC World Series of Golf.
Tim and Bali relaxing in the shade
on the hill in Connecticut.
Last minute grooming on Arco at
the 2007 Mid East Regionals.
A Sieger Show pose from our
friends, Katharina and Juergan
Oster! Sooo much fun!
L to R-Tim, Falco,
Beth and Paula at
the 10/18/08 show!
Bali lovin' on
Katharina 10/18/08!
Our friend, Jurgen, Herr
Oeser and Falco on 10/18/08.
Kat and Lucca just hanging out
in Pittsburgh!
Lucca is so affectionate--
and he is truly a "Street-K-9".
Lucca, Kathy, Tracy and
Raye wait for Lucca's class
in Pittsburgh to resume.
Mark gives Tim a plaque recognizing
our 2005 K-9 Unit - from OG Buckeye
Schutzhund Club
Tim,Steve, Dave and Mark
doing the O-H-I-O sign after
laying tracks at the USA
Nationals in April 2010 in
Columbus, Ohio! GO Bucks!
Tim and I with our friends and handlers!
Mid East Regional 2007 Good Times/Good People!
"The beauty shop" at the NEOWDA
show in June of 2009. Kelly,Beth,
Cheryl and Kathy groomed 14 dogs!
ALL before the start of the show!