Von Der Wilmothhaus

B Litter

This puppy is Brei von der Wilmothhaus. She was whelped 05.12.04. Her father is Lucca von Winnloh and her mother is V-Lea vom Buschhausener Weg SchH1 KKL1"a" normal hips. Lea was a female we leased to breed to Lucca.

Looks like Buckeye has
found a "new job" and
seems to like it!
Belden and Nicole

receive their CGC

award! Congrats!
Mr. Buckeye, as his owner, Adam,
calls him, lookin' like a youngster
at almost 5! I cannot believe that
these guys are almost 5. Where
does the time go?
Belden is on the left behind one
of "his kids"! Belden received
his Canine Good Citizens Award on
February 11, 2008 at Lindesfarne
Kennels. As you can see, he is
much more than a "Good Citizen"!
Buckeye von der Wilmothhaus
Belden at 1 year.