Von Der Wilmothhaus

On 08/23/2018, our Willow von der Wilmothhaus and our Cid von der Sandkautschneise became the parents of the JJ litter Wilmothhaus.  A long awaited cross that should produce exceptional puppies.  Can't wait to watch them grow.
Two Cid "kids". 7 year old Goldi?
Cid daughter, Trinity, and her 1/2
brother, 9 week old Jax(Willow/Cid).
Trinity has her hands full! LOL
Jax May 2019
Jeurys October 2018
Jewel in Jan 2019..already
loves the cattle work!
JJ pups 5 days old!
August 28, 2018
JJ sable girls at
5 days! Lovely!
Black and tan JJ female
JJ sable girl

October 2018
Black and tan male
October 2018
Willow with her 7 week
old J pups! So tolerant!
JJ male at 8 weeks!
JJ male at 9 weeks.
Justice February 2021
Looking all grown up!