Von Der Wilmothhaus

Zoe von Lindesfarne                       Sire:  Kimon vom Grenzblick Sch3 KKL1a                   

Born:  February 22, 2009               Dam:  Olga von Lindesfarne Sch3  KKL1a

Zoe was our pick puppy for the breeding.  She has excellent drives, loves the work and has good structure and movement.    We hope this nice, Kimon daughter will fit into our breeding program in a couple of years.  4/7/2010- Zoe was awarded the AKC Canine Good Citizen's Award.

06/12/2010 - Zoe gaited and presented herself super to be SG1 in the 12-18 Month Females by SV Judge Dieter Oeser. Kimon is a Proud Papa!

07/17/2010 - Zoe receives her BH, the HIGH BH trophy/award and a super critique from SV Judge Heiko Grube on her performance at the NEOWDA Schutzhund Trial....Super job, ZOE!

09/24/2010 - Zoe receives her AD at the OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club Trial judged by SV Judge Helmut Rueppell.

1-2-2011 - Zoe begins her training to be Tim's next Nitrate Detection K-9.  We think she will be a good one.

4-10-2011 - Zoe completes her Nitrate Detection Training(Bomb Dog).  She has big shoes to fill here at Wilmothhaus.  Both Eiche and Gina were super Bomb Dogs.

Zoe at NEOWDA's trial on 7/17/10
where she not only got her BH, but
was High BH. Daddy Kimon is proud.
Shown in the group here!Thanks, Denise!
Zoe on 7/17/10 during Herr Grube's
critique of her BH performance. We
are very proud of her. A nice job!
Zoe at 23 months old. She
is now K-9 Zoe, an excellent
Bomb Detection Dog!!!!!
A 23 month old Zoe. She is
now Tim's Bomb Dog, and a
Zoe and Paula March 2020
Zoe loves Tim!!!! Waiting for next
sweep at Hall of Fame weekend 2015
in Canton, Ohio! A funny girl!
Zoe with the bomb truck after doing her
bomb sweeps at the 2015 Pro Football
Hall of Fame weekend! She's a good one!
Zoe and Tim at the 2015 Pro Football
Hall of Fame weekend. Zoe tells Tim that
she would be happy to drive to the next
sweep! LOL
K-9 Zoe and Tim at the 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame
standing at Fawcett Stadium after a bomb sweep.
K-9 Zoe and Tim at the 2013 Pro Football
Hall of Fame with the bomb truck.
K-9 Zoe and Tim at the 2013 Pro Football
Hall of Fame before a bomb sweep.
Zoe being presented in the

12-18 month females-WHICH SHE

WON-SG1 Herr Oeser loved her

training and type!
Zoe with Kathy and Katharina
after Zoe won the 12-18 month
females class on 6/12/2010!
Zoe after picking a dandelion
at the Conformation/Helper
Seminar in May 2009-she is
10 weeks old in this pic!
Zoe romps in the dandelions at
the OG Buckeye Seminar- Not a
care in the world at 10 weeks!
Charlie Scyder's photo of
our Zoe is on the cover of
the May-June USA magazine!
Taken May 2009.
Another stand shot taken
by our friend, Charlie
Snyder on 6/12/10! SG1
Zoe gaiting to win the
12-18 month females on
June 12, 2010. SG1!!!