Von Der Wilmothhaus

K Litter

Our V-Catja von der Wilmothhaus Sch1 KKL1a(LBZ) and our V-Lucca vom Winnloh Sch3, KKL1a(LBZ)Certified Police K-9 (Ohio)  announce the arrival of their "K" litter Von Der Wilmothhaus. 

Seven puppies, four males and three females arrived on May 3, 2008. 

All puppies are large and lovely.

"SWAT" Matthew and his
faithful "K-9" partner,
Kaiser, on their way for
Trick or Treat!! Happy
Kane shares his "room"
with best friend, Gaby!
Gaby trimming nails on Nya
and Kane. SOOOOO Cute!
Matthew's 2010 Halloween Costume
and, of course, he must include
his trusty K-9 partner, Kaiser!!!
Kaiser looking very handsome
in front of his home! Nice!
Kane "watching over" his two
little ones. They are so knowing!
Kane, "The Guardian".
Woe unto anyone that would
be bad to his "babies"!
Their instincts always
Nya says "I love you, big
brother". Kane says, "Sis,
you are pushing your luck"!
Sisterly and brotherly "LOVE"!
her field!
When I say our dogs "work",
they REALLY work! LOL
This is Kyra helping on a
remodeling project!
Kyra enjoying Eastern
Pennsylvania snow in the
winter of 2009. At least,
the dogs LOVE it!!!!
Kyra, "The Princess". A
lovely two year old female.
Kade and Scott at protection
training--Summer 2009!
Kane "hanging out" with
his best friend, Gaby, by
the pool. Summer 2009.
Gabby and her puppy "Kane".
9 Month old Kane loves his
baby Gabby and vice versa!
Kane with his baby, Gabby,
playing a little tug of
Kane and baby Gabby.
I am not sure who opened
the cupboard door, but
obviously both are
enjoying the treasures
found there!!
Kaiser at 13 weeks!
King and Katharina on their
way to VP1 in the 4-6 Month
males on 10/18/08!
VP1 King getting a
super critique from
Herr Oeser on 10/18/08.
Kaiser at 7 months with
one of his family, Matthew,
thinking about Christmas!
King with his owners receiving
the AKC CGC award 07/27/2009.
A sneak attack by one
of the "K" litter pups
at 57 days.
"K" Litter female
at 57 days.
Kamiko at 57 days!
Kade at 2 1/2 months.
One of his "still"