Von Der Wilmothhaus

2006 Accomplishments and News

OG Buckeye Schutzhund Trial May 21, 2006

  • Arco von der Wilmothhaus Sch2
  • Cash von der Wilmothhaus AD and BH
  • Kimon vom Grenzblick Sch3

Greater Cincinnati Schtuzhund Club Regional Conformation Show Verona, Ky. June 24, 2006

  • Arco von der Wilmothhaus V2 - Working Males Class
  • Cash von der Wilmothhaus SG - 18 - 24 Month Males Class

Mid East Regional Working Dog Championship- OG Buckeye Seville, Ohio

  • Kimon vom Grenzblick Sch3

OG Buckeye Conformation Show 10/14/2006 Seville, Ohio

  • Falco von der Wilmothhaus VP1 - 4-6 Month Males
  • Fehja von der Wilmothhaus VP! - 4-6 Month Females
  • Erin von der Wilmothhaus VP1 - 6-9 Month Females
  • Exie von der Wilmothhaus VP - 6-9 Month Females
  • Ecko von der Wilmothhaus VP - 6-9 Month Males
  • Egis von der Wilmothhaus VP - 6-9 Month Males
  • Atticus von der Wilmothhaus SG1 - 24+ Month Males
  • Catja von der Wilmothhaus V2 - Working Females
  • Arco von der Wilmothhaus V2 - Working Males
  • Kimon vom Grenzblick SG - Working Males

OG Buckeye Breed Survey [Korung] 10/15/2006 Seville, Ohio

  • Catja von der Wilmothhaus - KKL1 For Life [LBZ]
  • Arco von der Wilmothhaus - KKL1 [2007-2008]
  • Kimon vom Grenzblick - KKL1 [2007-2008]
Donner von der Wilmothhaus [aka Sabrina] will be going for the first leg of her AKC Herding Title in April of 2007.

In June of 2006, we decided to keep one of the Catja von der Wilmothhaus[Cati]/ Lucca vom Winnloh males that was born June 4, 2006 to "evaluate the cross"[Cati's 1st litter]. This was an extremely nice litter. The male we kept is Falco von der Wilmothhaus. As of right now, it looks like he is going to stay right here! He has GOOD LOOKS [he won his 4-6 month males class on 10/14/2006 at OG Buckeye]. and his DRIVES and TEMPERAMENT are very nice. Our plans for him in 2007 are to show him and imprint the nitrate[bomb] odors to make him one of our future bomb dogs. If time and his age permit, an AD and BH might be in his future next fall, also.

On November 18, 2006, we welcomed from Germany our newest addition to our kennel. Bali von der Bermbacher Scheune. She is "V" in conformation, Sch1, KKL1 with "a" normal hips and clear elbows. Her birthday is August 30, 2004. Bali's sire is VA [Vice-Sieger] Hill vom Farbenspiel Sch3, KKL1 and her dam is V-Emelie aus der Leichtweishohle Sch1, KKL1. Our current plan for Bali is to show and trial her in 2007 then breed her to our Lucca [maybe Arco!] late Fall or Winter 2007. Bali's good looks, super temperament and lovely movement will compliment either of "the boys".

2006, again, was a wonderful and successful year for Von Der Wilmothhaus. The Lucca puppies from Catja [Cati] and Rosella were extremely nice. Our K-9 partners continued to catch "bad guys", take dope off of the streets, protect dignitaries and helped, in general,to give us all a safer place to live. To K-9 Griff, Kathy's Patrol/Cadaver K-9, you are a true HERO! On January 30, 2006, K-9 Griff saved Kathy's life with the fight of his life against a felon who had nothing to lose!

Tim stayed VERY busy adding a new Patrol/Explosive K-9 to the Summit County Sheriff's Office, doing State of Ohio K-9 Evaluations, teaching a multi-dog Bomb Dog Class, being the K-9 Trainer/Coordinator for the Summit County Sheriff's Office, doing Bomb sweeps and working his own dogs.

A HUGE thank you goes to ALL of the Lucca puppy buyers. All of you have helped to make 2006 a WONDERFUL year!

We look forward to 2007. Watch for us and our dogs in upcoming advertisements, on our website, at a Schutzhund Trial, at a Conformation Show or "on the street" at a traffic stop, raid, drug bust or bomb sweep near you!!!!!!

Tim and Kathy Wilmoth!