Von Der Wilmothhaus

The "R" litter Wilmothhaus was born on May 18, 2011.  The sire of this litter is our V-Wenzel von der Eqelquelle Sch3, IP3, FH1, KKL1. The Mother of this litter is our V-Domina von den Lahnhohen Sch2, KKL1.  This litter had 6 puppies...4 males and 2 females.  Three males and two females remain.

Spirit (Rainbow) with one
of her favorite toys!
8 months!
Rainbow(aka Spirit) at 8 months.
She is sooo lovely!
Ramsay(aka Rascal) gaiting to
VP5 at the North American Sieger
Show 10/21/2011. Super puppy
at the top of a super class!!
Rexx gaiting to VP4 in a super
nice class of 3-6 males at the North
American Sieger Show 10/21/2011.
Ramsay(aka Rascal) and Rexx(on right)
with their trophies from the North
American Sieger Show in Virginia on
October 21-23,2011. Rexx was VP4 and
Rascal was VP5 in the nice 3-6
month males class.
Ramsay on March 15th, 2014
during ring training--NICE!
A new stack pic of Ramsay (aka Rascal)
compliments of his owner, Laura. He is
growing more handsome every day!
Early November 2011
"Rascal" at 10 1/2 weeks.Lovely,
lovely-movement AND structure....
BUT the name fits!!!!!!!!
"Rascal" on his 3 month
birthday! Kinda of a
neat pic of this nice pup!
Reese with her future "best friend", the
lovely Aria. Aria is two weeks old here
and Reese will be three in May. A REALLY
neat picture!
Reese resting in her
backyard on a lovely
May day.
Rexx at 14 months! Lots of
"Daddy Wenzel" goin' on here!
Rexx taking a big nap with
hiss BFF, Mace, a Goldi/Griff
daughter. Soo cute--such good
friends already!
Rexx and Marc after a
ahrd days' training. A
lovely dog with a big
Rexx with handler, Kelly and SV
Koermeister, Juergen Hoffman after
winning the 12-18 month males at the
Mid East Regional Comformation Show on
June 16, 2012. Regional Sieger-12-18
Rainbow(aka Spirit) after
a long flight to Phoenix
with her new owner. At 8
weeks old, she needs a restful
nap to recover! A good girl!
Congratulations to Ramsay
von der Wilmothhaus on "making the
podium" for VP3 at the USA Sieger
Show in the 9-12 month males class.
NICE JOB! Domina and Wenzel are proud!
Spirit (aka Rainbow) with her owners
in Arizona. She is 4 months old in
this photo. Soooo lovely!!!!!!!
Spirit(aka Rainbow) having fun
in her pool on a hot Arizona day.
A lovely girl!
Domi's "Kids" at 12 days.
Super pigment and color!
The "R" kids. Soon they will
not be soooo angelic!
One of the "R" kids at 41 days.

Soo typey and lovely!
"R" kids at 41 days! Wenzel
and Domina did well!
Three of the "R" kids at
41 days. They LOVE outside!
Sticks--LOVE 'em!
41 days
The "R" kids at almost 3 days old.
Domi loves her puppies!
Dinnertime for the "R" kids.
Almost 3 days old in this pic.
The Domina/Wenzel "R" kids
at 20 days. Just getting
"on the move"!!!!!!!
Rolf(aka Ozil) taking a
rest at his new home. 8
weeks old and a VERY nice