Von Der Wilmothhaus

Strength and Courage

Griff was Kathy's birthday present to replace her patrol K-9 that had been injured.  Griff is a force to be reckoned with "on the street".

A true hero, Griff saved his human partner's life in January 2006. For his act of bravery in the line of duty, he was named 2006 Hero Dog of the Year by the German Shepherd Dog Club of Northeast Ohio and Bil-Jac. GRIFF HAS PASSED AWAY, BUT HIS COURAGE AND STRENGTH LIVE ON IN HIS PROGENY OF WHICH MANY "PROTECT AND SERVE".  A TRULY GREAT DOG!

Onnegardens Griff  SchH3, FH2,  KKL2 Life
DOB 8/16/00,  Sable, DNA typed  "a" normal hips
Swedish Reg#S51369/2000 SZ#13197 USF#4836 AKC#DL854379/01
Sire: Tom Van 'T Leefdaalhof IPO3, SchH3 SZ#2018398
Dam: Hajen Drabe SchH2 DDK 01747/95
This son of Griff and Brat, Ektor,
(K-9 Echo)received his NAPWDA tracking
certification in November 2009!
Soon to be a cadaver dog, also!
This is EX, a Griff/Brat male at
a CPE Agility Trial where he earned
5 qualifying legs with 4 1st places!
Griff "patiently??" awating the
Courage Test.
Griff En Route to Helper.
We say, "Bringing IT".
Griff through the car window after the "bad guy"!
Griff - what the "bad guy" sees!
Griff on hs Koer-Klass evaluation.
Griff a busy boy during the HOT Trial
helper tryouts.

Here, he does a Bark and Hold with Clark.
Griff and Pat Mattarese doing a
Bark and Hold during the helper
tryouts for the 2006 HOT Trial.
Griff on our friend, Jeff, at
the OG Buckeye Helper Seminar
May 3, 2009.
A Griff/Brat pup, Envee (aka K-9 Jordan).
Jordan was awarded NAPWDA certification
in both tracking and area searchin
November of 2009.Like Father/like daughter!
After receiving the 2006 Hero
Dog of the Year for Bravery
and Performance in the line
of Duty!
Griff waiting to "test" Jeff
on the Courage Test at the Helper
Seminar. Griff is always happy
to "help" a friend!!!!
K-9 Griff. So intense, yet, so kind.
This picture was taken by
Charlie Snyder.
Griff and Kathy on their
K-9 Trading Card
Griff on the escape bite
with Clark Niematalo
at the 2006 HOT Trial
helper tryouts.