Von Der Wilmothhaus

Our "W" litter Wilmothhaus was born 06/14/2012.   Sire is our V-Wenzel von der Edelquelle Sch3, IPO3, FH1 and KKL1(Life) and Mother is our V-Jessy von der Treuenbreitzener Land Sch2, FH1, KKL1(life).  There are 3 females in this litter--all large and lovely!
Willow on 10/19/2012 getting groomed
before her class at the North American
Sieger Show--she was "VP" in the 3-6
month females.
Willow in her class at the North
American Sieger Show on 10/19/2012.
Look out Cid!!! Willow on 11/23/12,
jumping off the wall around our fire
pit. She so loves to play with Cid.
She is so athletic!!!
The lovely Willow at 6 months with
her "teacher" Cid. He is the one that
taught her to always have a stick either
in your mouth or in your paws!!!
Daddy Wenzel can never deny being the
sire of his female "mini me"! Willow
at 6 months!
Tess ay almost 4 months-Lovely!
Tess(a "W" litter-Jessy/Wenzel)
at 3 1/2 months relaxing with
her Best Friend. Nice puppy!
Walburga(aka Tess) posing for her
Fall picture--VERY lovely at 4 months!
Walburga(aka Tess) guarding her chickens.
She is truly lovely! This cross was super!
Two of the W kids at 29 days on
their 1st trip outside---FUN!
The "W" girls at 29 days one their
1st trip outside. This pose lasted
maybe one second..they are LOVELY!
A "W" girl at 37 days. I think
she looks like she is in "time out"!
Maybe so!! LOL
A W female. They grow so
fast. These pups are so
W puppy at 40 days enjoying
a lovely day. Super nice
young female!
One of the "W" girls at
40 days-Wenzel and Jessy
did good!
One of the "W" girls just
after Mom washed her! Nice
large and lovely puppies!
You're not the boss of me!
W pups at 9 days. Lunch
is served! Nice puppies!
Two of the "W" girls at the
"milk bar". Pardon my camera
strap! Cute girls..Less then 24
hours old in this picture..
One of the "W" girls(call name is Tess)
at her new home taking a quick nap
after a big play with her new family!
A VERY nice puppy!
Willow in the 12-18 month females at
the NEOWDA Show in June 2013--SG1!
Willow at the NEOWDA Show June 2013.
SG1 12-18 month females. Lookin' good!
Cid teaching Willow "stick". He
is such a good babysitter! On
Willow and her favorite thing, her
jolly ball, on April 26, 2013!!!!!
Still very much all puppy at 10 months!
Willow at almost 8 weeks.
Just lovely!
Willow strikes one of her poses
on October 10, 2012. LOVELY!
Willow at the 2013 MER Conformation
Championship where she was awarded SG
in the 12-18 month Females. Judge
was SV Koermeister Dieter Oeser. Note
she did this with her 25 stitches still
Willow on April 20, 2013 ....
Sooo pretty ans smart!!!!
Willow on NOvember 23, 2012
taking a break from playing
with "Uncle Cid"!
The weather was VERY cold, but
Willow did a nice job for her BH
at Cedar Hill Working Dog Club
on November 24, 2013. Good Girl!
Willow on 11/24/213 heeling for her
BH at the Cedar Hill Working Dog Club's
Trial in Bowling Green, Ky. COLD DAY!
Willow on October 10, 2012,
working on her gaiting for the
Willow's front after the recall at
Cedar Hill's Trial on 11/24/13. Willow
received her BH on a VERY cold day!
Willow at 10 weeks. She
is lovely!!AND smart!