Von Der Wilmothhaus

Our "O" litter Wilmothhaus was whelped on August 29, 2010.  Sire of the litter is V-Lucca vom Winnloh multiple Sch3 KKL1 for Life and a retired Police K-9.  Mother of this litter is the lovely V-Domina von den Lahnhohen Sch2  KKL1.  This is Domina's first litter and we are soooo excited.  Six puppies were born, but the last puppy born, a female, was stillborn.   Three males and two females remain!  Stay tuned to this page and watch them grow with us!

Omi (aka Annie) with her
new friend K-9 Art! She is
8 weeks old in this pic!
Otzara(aka Katie) at 9 weeks
at her new home in Colorado!
Two of Domi's "O" pups
at 11 days- VERY nice!
Domi's crew at 11 days-
She LOVES her "kids"!!
The "O kids" at 14 days!
Domi "O" kids at 23 days
enjoying their 1st goat's milk!
Domina with her brood
of five. High hopes
for these puppies!
The lovely Domi with
her 5 hour old puppies.
Proud Momma!
Domi's kids at almost 4 weeks.
Only room at the "milk bar"
now for 3 at a time!!!! LOL
I LOVE this pic!
Omi(Annie) with one of
her new family!
This is Otzara von der
Wilmothhaus (aka Katie).
She is 51 days old in this
Head shot of Otzara(Katie)
at 51 days old!Pretty girl!
Omi(Annie) gets a hug from
one of her new best friends.
Otto at 20 weeks AND
50 pounds! Nice young
10/24/10 Otto is relaxing
at his new home. A VERY
nice puppy.Calm and cool-
that's Otto!
Otzara(aka Katie) at 57 days
outside for a walk, er, run!