Von Der Wilmothhaus

Here are a few pictures of some of our K-9's doing demos and a few pictures of some of our past partners who deserved to be recognized. All have served with pride and honor!

A moment of silence for those
no longer with us.
Kathy and now retired K-9 Ace after guarding Air Force One. What an honor!
Kathy with retired Patrol/Narcotics
K-9, Ace. Ace is 12 years old.
Another picture from our Group
Obedience Routine-All Patrol K-9's!
Group Obedience-All Patrol K-9's
K-9 Blitz "talking" to preschoolers.

She LOVED children!
Kathy and K-9 Diana waiting to
do a demo. Diana was a Patrol/
Cadaver K-9. Diana passed away
in 1999.
K-9 Unit Lines up to enter
arena for demo.
Kathy with retired narcotics
K-9, Blitz! Blitz passed away
in 2005 at 13 1/2 years old.
K-9 out of SWAT Truck to "apprehend"
Tim talkin'. Just give him
a microphone and ask him to
talk about Police K-9's.