Von Der Wilmothhaus

It is another New Year at Wilmothhaus.  Over the past years, our blessings have been many. We sincerely hope that 2015 brings joy, health, happiness and success to all of us at Wilmothhaus and our many friends and customers...Here's to the New Year!!!!

11/21/2015 - Congrats to Betty Pulfer and her Kimon son, Ace von der Lander Blick on earning their IPO3 today at Deutsche Schaeferhunde in America Trial judged by Herr Bernhard Prem.  Ace is a Kimon/Jazz son.  Congrats to Ace, Betty(his owner/trainer) and his breeder, Steve Lambert!

11/20/2015 -  Kathy's new female, Madonna vom Badsee(Maddie), has her OFA results for DM come back DM CLEAR (n/n)!!!!!  Excited about this and , of course, Maddie!

11/07 & 08/ 2015  -  At the OG Ohio Hundesprot Trial judged by SV judge Peter Rohde, two of Cid's offspring earned titles/awards.  Flash vom Haus Weinbrand(aka Titan) and his handler/owner, Darrell, earned their IPO1 and were HIGH IPO1!!  A Cid son out of a showline female, Shady, Victor, earned his BHand AD with his breeder/handler/ owner, Gabe.  Great job by both teams!

11/04/2015 - Tim's Orly and Zoe's daughter, Bose, earn the K-9 certifications in the State of Ohio.  Orly is now certified in Narcotics detection, Tracking and Evidence Recovery.  K-9 Bose will follow in her Mother's footsteps detecting bombs.  Great job.

10/16/2015 - A HUGE congrats to Heart vom Haus Weinbrand(aka Selah) on receiving her IPWDA Search and Rescue Certification AND at only 10 months old!!!!!!!!!!!! She has also just been imprinted on cadaver.  Congrats to SELAH, her owner Lauri Johnson, her breeder Valerie Miller and, of course her sire, Wenzel!!!!!!!!  GREAT JOB!

10/03/2015 - Two Wenzel daughters received their BH's this day in Idaho under SV judge Vic Wilms.  Both females are from the "D" litter vom Theishof, breeder Heidi Theis.  Congrats to Dezzie and her owner/handler Sandi and Kira and her owner/handler Lacie.  GREAT JOB! "D" litter vom Theishof has ALL been xrayed and ALL puppies in this litter are HD/ED normal "a1".  SUPER!

09/2015 - We welcome the lovely Madonna vom Badsee to our kennel. "Maddie" is just two years old, made V43 at the 2015 German Sieger Show and is IPO2 with her initial Koer.  A great addition to go along with Emilia, Willow and Orly!!! A SUPER nice female!

07/11/2015 - Congratulations to Kathy's Emilia von Melanchthon on her V3 at the MER Conformation Championship in the Working Females and Kathy's Yasso von der Wilmothhaus(Wenzel/Goldi) on his V2 in the Working Males in the MER Conformation Championship. Shw was in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and hosted by the Cedar Hills Working Dog Club and judged by Dieter Oeser.

07/11/2015 - Congratulations to Caden von der Wilmothhaus(Wenzel/Emilia)owned by Laura Renk on his VP3 in the 6-9 month males at the MER Conformation Championship. 

07/11/2015- Congrats to Frenzie vom Haus Weinbrand, a Cid daughter, owned and bred by Valerie Miller on her V5 in the Working Females at the MER Conformation Championship  and her Breed Survey.

06/28/2015 - Congratulations to Charlie Snyder and his Griff/Nikki son, Pete, on achieving their BH this day at the OG Buckeye Schutzhund Club's trial judged by Adolf Glaser.

 06/21/2015 - Two Cid daughters, Frenzie and Frankie vom Haus Weinbrand, made their IPO1's today at the OG Ohio Hundesport trial judged by Aldof Glaser. Frenzie was, also, High IPO1 with a 275!  Congrats to their breeder , Valerie Miller, who is also, Frenzie's owner and handler. Great job!

05/23/2015 - Our Yasso von der Wilmothhaus, a Wenzel/Goldi son, made his IPO1 today at the Penn Ohio Working Dog Club trial judged by SV judge Jakob Meyer.  Yasso was High in Trial(275), High IPO1, High Tracking and High Obedience. 

05/17/2015 - Huge congratulations to our Emilia von Melanchthon for making V3 in a super nice class of Working Females at the USCA Sieger Show.  A Wenzel Emilia son, Caden von der Wilmothhaus, was VP5 in a large and nice class of 4-6 month males.  Aaloni and Aurora von der Wilmothhaus both made SG in a LARGE class of 18-24 females.  Great Sieger show for us!

5/2/2015 - Congratulations to Vince von der Wilmothhaus and his handler Ed on achieving the IPO2 at the Mid Ohio Schutzhund Club Trial.

4/26/2015 - The Willow/Lucca puppies arrived.This is the DD litter Wilmothhaus.Puppies are large and lovely.  Sire is Lucca vom Winnloh and Mother is a Wenzel daughter, Willow von der Wilmothhaus.

03/28/2015 - Congrats to Aische von der Wilmothhaus, a Wenzel/Domina daughter (aka Zen) on receiving "a" normal (a1) on both her hips and elbows.  Zen is owned by Judy Kavanaugh.

02/04/2015- Congratulations to Yago(aka K-9 Jethro), aGoldi/Wenzel son, on passing State of Ohio Police K-9 certification for both Patrol and Narcotics. Great job!

01/02/2015 - Our CC litter Wilmothhaus was born to Emilia and Wenzel.