Von Der Wilmothhaus

Black Fire

Goldi is fast, strong and "full of energy"! We hope that her great ancestry will come through on the puppies she will produce for us.

Goldi vom Vogelsberger Sudhang Sch3 KKL1a for Life
Born: October 10, 2005
Sire Sire: V-Seiko von der Burg Haidstein Sch3 FH1
Dam V-Dunja vom Vogelsberger Sudhang Sch2
Goldi has been confirmed pregnant

to our male, Onnegardens Griff Sch3,

FH2,KKL2 Life, retired Patrol/Cadaver

K-9. Puppies are expected on or around

March 15,2010 for our "Q" litter Wilmothhaus.
We are looking forward to what we hope will be
a world class litter! This picture of our Griff
is compliments of Lee and is one of my favorites!
Tim's smile tells it all about
how we feel about our Goldi. Tim
hopes to get in a trial, hopefully,
before she has puppies for us!
Goldi and Tim tracking training.
Goldi is such a pleasant and
talented dog to work with!!!
Our super friends, Katharina and
Juergan Oster. They are responsible
for Goldi belonging to us!!!!!!!
A beautiful side shot of Goldi's head.
She always seems to be smiling!! I
think she is thinking about the
bitework--that ALWAYS makes her smile!
A headshot of our Goldie!
We cannot wait to see what
she will produce for us on
either our Kimon or Griff.
Temperament deluxe!
Goldie and Katharina after
arriving in the US! She is
so beautiful and soooo much
loves the work! Our kind of