Von Der Wilmothhaus

"P" litter Wilmothhaus was born on August 29, 2010.  Mother is our Goldi vom Vogelsberger Sudhang Sch3 KKL1(life) and Father is our Kimon vom Grenzblick 6XSch3 KKL1(life) and a retired K-9 in the State of Ohio.  Check for Goldi's info under the Females' Tab and Kimon's info under the Males' tab.  A super combination of top working line dogs!!

06/25/2011-Pete is made "VP" in the 6-9 Males at the Regional Conformation Show hosted by OG West Penn and judged by SV judge Peter Knaul.  Another working line dog that can gait!

K-9 Pete during a pat down while
testing for his State of Ohio Patrol
Certification 11/07/2012. VERY NICE!
Pete von der Wilmothhaus at
almost 3 months old. We laugh
at this pics, as Pete looks
like a little statue!
Pete gaiting for VP1 in the 6-9
month males at the Mid East
Regional Show on 6/25/2011. Proof
you do not have to be black and red
to get a VP1!
Pete's stand for his critique in the
6-9 month males at the Mid East Regional
Conformation Show on 6/25/2011....
Goldi's "baby boy" at
10 days. He is HUGE!
Pete doing one of his VERY
nice tracks. He likes tracking
as much as he likes finding
K-9 Pete during the obedience portion
of his Patrol K-9 test on 11/07/2012.
Meet "Pete"! He is
deciding whether goat's
milk is better than Mom!
"Pete" is 4 weeks old in
these pics. He,I believe,
has decided Mom is still #1!
Now, a comparison pic. As
you can see, Pete hasn't
missed many meals-4 weeks
in this pic.
"Pete" (at almost 6 weeks) and
Mom, Goldi, on Pete's 1st out-
doors trip! A nice day in Ohio!
"Pete" at almost 6 weeks old.
Pete is a Kimon/Goldi son. A
pretty stout and strong puppy!
K-9 gete "apprehends" the "bad guy"
on Patrol Certification Day-Pete is
a Good One!
Pete at training at 5 1/2
months old. We hope, a future
bomb detection K-9!!! A
very nice puppy!
Pete at 19 months. A super combo
of his Sch3 Mom, Goldi, and his 7 X Sch3,
Patrol/Narcotic K-9, Dad, Kimon. Big,
strong, with nice anatomy and super drives.
Just an overall nice young male!
K-9 Pete is en route to prevent the
escape of the "bad guy" during his patrol
K-9 testing on 11/07/2012. Can't wait for
Pete to hit the street. He is a super nice
Patrol/Narcotics K-9!
Pete at 10 weeks taken by our
friend, Richard, on 12/27/10.
Richard visited us from Germany
and took this Pete pic!He's a
"big boy" now!
K-9 Pete(Patrol/Narcotics K-9), on the
Protection table during a decoy seminar
in May 2014. Photo by Lorna Thomas.
Goldi's "P" litter male
at 6 hours old! LOVE
the color!