Von Der Wilmothhaus

Geron vom Osterfeld
IPO2, 3 X IGP3 KKL life
"a" normal hips and elbows
DM clear(n/n)

09/26/2021 - Geron (aka G) makes his IGP3 with scores ogf 99/90/97 =286! High in Trial, High IGP3, High tracking, High Obedience and High Protection!  What a day!
06/12/2022 - G earns his second IGP3 under USCA judge Arthur Collins at Countyline Hundesport's trial!
09/24/2022 - G earns his 3rd IGP3 with a wonderful score of 92/94/98=284.  G was trialed by Kathy.  Trial was at Countyline Hundesport and judged by USCA judge Al Govednik.
12/29/2022 - Geron's litter out of SG- Deva vom Haus Bella is born.  6 super female..sables and bi colored...G never disappoints!
Geron Drive July 2021
G, Tim and judge Al Govednik
Welcome to Wilmothhaus Geron!!!
Day 2! Nice dog!
G Blind Search IGP3
G and Tim critique IGP3
G and Tim doing IGP3 track 99 points
"G" hanging out with his BFF...
Geron and Tim Protection Critique
Geron December 14, 2021
G escape bite IGP3
Geron(G) and Tim July 2021 Escape!
Geron aka "G" and Tim hanging out!
"G" getting groomed!
A picture of Geron from Germany.
Nice guarding.
G and Tim Heeling IGP3
Geron Hurdle IGP3
"G" lovin' his backyard!
geron over the hurdle in Germany!
Got some air! LOL
G pick up on flat retrieve IGP3
Geron and Tim July 2021
Side Transport
Geron Voraus IGP3